How to wrap your Headphones in 10 fashionable ways

Today we are going to show you how to wrap ear buds in ten easy and cool ways. You can buy fashionable gadgets to fold your headphones without tangling, or you can do it by yourself. 1. Two fingers wrapping The first way is usually the simplest one. Hold the ear buds in your hand. […]…Read More

Italian leather: what makes it better

If you love leather, learn why the Italian one is the best for durable and elegant bags, belts or watch bands. It depends on the quality of the processing techniques: top grain and full grain. But it also refers to the quality of the base product: vegetable tanned Italian leather. What does Italian leather mean? […]…Read More

Essential galuchat leather guide for fashion lovers

Galuchat leather watch straps, pearly and shiny, are not only a fashionable style statement, but also a durable product, incredibly luxurious and very resistant, one of the most precious on the market. What is galuchat leather? The term « galuchat » comes from the family name of a French artisan, Jean-Claude Galuchat. He was the […]…Read More

Best third-party Apple Watch bands and straps

Spring 2017 has just come: here the coolest wristbands to personalize and customize your smartwatch. Take a glance to the new Apple’s collections. Which Apple Watch can change bands? You can easily replace the band of every Apple Watch. It would be better to choose a strap especially made for this brand, because their bars […]…Read More

Exotic Apple Watch Bands: a buyer’s guide

Sometimes ago… Tanning is one of the most ancient human activities developed all over the world through a long period of time. The world’s oldest cow leather shoe was found in Armenia. Created more than 5.000 years ago it represents a unique object, perfectly preserved, which probably belonged to a woman. More exotic leather (snake […]…Read More




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