Apple Watch for work and business: the best apps and tips

apple watch for business meridioband

In a global and connected world Apple Watch apps for business are a useful tool to improve your work as well as your personal life.

There is nothing better than an Apple Watch provided with the best apps on the market to make your life easy and your work more and more efficient.

There are thousand of business and work apps of course that’s why we have separated the wheat from the chaff to list the best Apple watch apps for business.

Apple Watch apps for travel

You can check every detail of your flight just touching your Apple Watch display thanks to App in the Air. It’s an useful app for your Apple Watch that provides you tips about your flight, airport maps and a real time status.

App in the Air is like a personal travel assistant that follows you along your business trip from check-in to take-off and landing.

Citymapper is the best choice for those who don’t want to get lost through new topography of a foreign city. The New York Times has awarded the app as the best travel app introduced to New York city. By planning your your trip from A to B you can choose among different transport options thanks to its integration with Uber and Hailo.

Comfortable accommodation just at your wrist

Don’t waste time for check-in and just open your door room thanks to Apple Watch app Starwood. It’s the ideal application for business that supports Sheraton, Westin, Aloft and many other hotels.

For those who are in a hurry Hotel Tonight is a last minute app that helps you to find the best hotels at the best price. Opening the app you will have just at your wrist all the information about the hotels around you.

Speak foreign languages with Apple Watch apps

If you are travelling around the world there are useful Apple Watch applications that make you easy speaking a foreign language.

Babbel has been created to give you a practical knowledge of 14 languages.

The greatest Babbel function is the possibility to set language options according to the place where you are: restaurants, cafès, museums and many others.

Itranslate helps you to break down your language barriers in a few seconds thanks to more than 90 languages included. You have just speak and iTranslate will recognize your voice and translate it in another language.

Apple watch apps just for your business

If you want to run your business in an easy and efficient way Saleforce is the right Apple Watch application for you. You can access the most important data by swiping your display and searching reports via invoice recognition.

OfficeTime is an easy and quick Apple Watch application for those who want to check their time. Just one tap to start recording another tap to stop it: at the end of the week you will have a correct vision of how you spend your working time.

The best Apple Watch apps for money

It could be obvious to use Apple Pay but not so much. Such an app can be used for a wide range of payments as a useful business app that makes business and personal life easy and light. A Great solution for those who don’t want to bring along cash.

Pennies is a nice app that helps you to take control of your spending thanks to a daily money tracker that gives you a list of all your money movements.

Interface is very simple without any graphics or bars: just numbers to check your pennies!

Time to rest with your Apple Watch

Relax is part of work and Sleep++ can help you to track your sleep and to check your health condition. The best new feature of Sleep++ is the integration with HealthKit that guarantees a constant monitoring of your health condition thanks to Apple Watch integrated sensors.

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