Apple Credit Card: what is it and how does it work

Apple and Goldman Sachs are working together to create an Apple Credit Card, made to work with the Wallet App in iPhones and Apple watches. The card will be released later this year, according to the Wall Street Journal, even if an official launch date hasn’t yet be announced. Some rumors speak about a testing […]…Read More

Everything we know about Airpods 2

Airpods are at the moment the winner of the best invention Apple has made in the last few years, and many tech head are using them. What is fascinating is the fact that not only Apple users are enjoying the free wireless commodities, but even Android users. After more than 2 years we can finally […]…Read More

Spring 2019 Fashion Trends: which one do you prefer?

Everything is ready for the spring. Even if outside it is still cold enough, the days starting to get longer and the first sunny days suggest that spring is near. So, the question is: what to wear for the next spring? What are the Spring 2019 Fashion Trends? Scroll on the article and get in […]…Read More

Meridio around the world: where and who chooses a Meridio leather’s accessory

Everybody gets crazy about Meridio Apple Watch accessories. This is simply a fact. Even if you are French, English, American, if you live in Canada, Germany, Hong Kong or anywhere around the world, you can’t help but appreciate Meridio accessories: they are classy, extremely comfortable to wear and offer you the guarantee to be made […]…Read More

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