Best men’s leather Apple Watch bands in 2017


Our life is made with tiny moments. Narrow brackets of satisfaction that feels us better. A men’s watch band that fits with our mood and our temperament is not only an accessory; it is a pleasure.

Don’t waist your time with ugly things because life is too short for that.
Beauty is a choice. It is an opportunity that you can catch anywhere you are. A good glass of wine, for example. A walk in a lovely place, a dinner with your mates.

Around your wrist you can choose among different men’s Apple Watch bands, but what makes the difference is quality and uniqueness, as in life after all.


Some weeks ago we puzzled over an article published on 9, July 1916, by New York Times. It deals with a strange and funny fashion trend spreading in Europe: men started to wear bands with clocks on them. It was an unusual style unknown before World War I. During the previous centuries the time was kept in a pocket and clocks were secured with a chain.

But during the World War I something changed. Clocks became essential and it was important to check them. The only practical way was to wear clocks on the wrists. So when you look at your Apple Watch Band remind that: the origins of trends are as mysterious as trends themselves.

Four tips to choose your best men’s Apple Watch band in 2017

Brown Meridio band for Apple Watch
A brown Apple Watch band for men by Meridio

The best men’s leather watch straps for your Summer

In Summer we are expected to live new adventures, that’s why you can start to change your style. A new Apple Watch band could be an easy idea to improve your chances. An Italian leather watch strap is not only a stylish accessory but also a great tradition at your wrist. Whether you choose a Vintage leather Apple watch band or a Red crocodile one, you will be sure to wear the unique Italian Style.

What is fashion?

New trends start very often from a breakdown with tradition. That’s why rules can be broken and challenged by style. We encourage our customers to try new combinations: between your Apple watch men’s band and your own style. In the fashion world, wearing a black watch band with brown shoes is usually a big no-no. But what about you? Maybe a Vintage men’s watch band finished in orange cotton: for men with both feet on the ground. On a day at the beach you could even wear an elegant alligator leather band because it all blows down to the best Apple Watch strap that fits YOU.

Brown leather strap for men

Material combinations for men’s Apple Watch bands

We like surprising you, that’s why we want to speak about matching materials. Fashion is your diktat, very well. It will be important to coordinate your leather watch bands with your belts and shoes. Your suit is essential too. A handmade leather Apple Watch strap will fit your black shoes and suits and nobody won’t furrow his brows looking at you. For a Summer outfit with blue hues, you could think about a casual men’s watch band. Subzero real python joins the best quality of a men’s leather watch band with a sporty style.

For those who like thinking out of the box

The best men’s watch band is definitely that you think the best is. No way of making a mistake. What you wear it fits with your tastes and your soul rather than your outfit. One day you like a red python watch band and the day after you want a light grey ostrich one. We support people who like changing, because it is our philosophy too. Details are more important than short-lived trends, they make the difference between dowdiness and quality. Our men’s Apple watch bands are inseparable mates for your every day life.

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