Quality that enhances the individual

The best quality materials guarantee an excellent final product. This is why we carefully select the leather of Meridio bands, which is then is worked by an historical Italian tannery.

We have chosen Ten different types of leather; each one is available in different colours. From soft and classic leathers to more original and eccentric choices, we wish to offer to everyone their own style.

If you want an exclusive and refined strap, soft and flexible Ostrich leather is ideal.

Whereas the super precious Stingray leather, pearly and shiny, is perfect for those who want an incredibly durable product. Galuchat Collection take the name by the technique for making the skin of the ray bright and colorful developed by J.C. Galuchat, an 18th-century craftsman at the court of Versailles.

Python, the exotic leather has been elected as luxury and elegancy synonymous, for a unique life style.

Smooth, delicate and versatile, Snake effect print leather is suitable for those wanting an article of unusual elegance and imaginativeness.

For those who have a trendy and cool spirit we suggest the original Cavallino : soft and delicate, it gives and eccentric, retro touch to your Apple Watch.

Definitely more practical, Nappa is light and elastic, perfect for the more dynamic and adventurous. In Vintage collection nappa leather, thanks to deep, peculiar colors, becomes exclusive.

To make Unique your band, in order to get it an exclusive Vintage effect, Heritage collection has a genuine leather takes up to 3 months to be worked with a natural process and vegetable finiture

To go over, the new collection Suede made by a Cow split leather (Bos Taurus scientific name) is well know for its great features: long lasting quality, softness, lightness and maximum mechanical flexibility

And, finally, there is the eternal elegance of Alligator or Crocodile, a tough, but incredibly precious and elegant leathers. Both of them are the only two of our proposals come from the heart of the United States and not from Italy.

Each of our straps is produced in compliance with international laws regarding animal protection and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).



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