The Meridio guide to leather watch bands

A wide range of different types and shapes among them you can choose the best leather watch bands for you. Soft, waterproof, exotic or traditional. You can change the style of your watch band anytime you like, just follow your pleasure.

How is leather for watch bands made?

It can be made of many different hides. They are usually obtained from cows after being treated with vegetable tanning substances. This kind of processing is typical of Italian leather because it is chemical free. Other kinds of hides can be used to obtain exotic or special nuances.

Luxury watch bands made of exotic leather

To be unique and glamour you can choose among different exotic leather.
From the well known crocodile and python leather to the cat shark or the stingray one.

You can also choose an ecologically sustainable leather made of the by products of food industry (cowhide or calfskin).

Vegan leather? Why not. Synthetic leather is often used without giving up style and quality.

Are leather watch bands waterproof?

Water, humidity and salty sea air are the worst enemies for leather. Some manufacturers sell leather watch straps treated with special compounds or coated with wax or bubbler. Don’t try to do it by yourself, it is risky and dangerous. The best way is to choose a strong and rough skin which matches with your outdoor activities.

From bracelet to wristband

A long time ago watch bands were bracelets worn by women as jewellery. Men used to wear their watches fitted with chains that could be replaced back in their suit’s pocket. At the end of the 19th century the current watch bands were simple straps used by soldiers to protect the watch and to take one’s garments on/off.

What is the best band for a suit watch?

The best companion for a luxury watch is a classical black leather strap in crocodile or alligator. The result will be an astonishing mix of style and charm. For golden cases: no doubts. The ideal choice is a matt nappa or a shiny crocodile band. To be honest if Style is your keyword, ostrich leather would be your target.

What is the best leather band for a sport watch?

Chronographs, racing and pilot watches need an appropriate band to their style.
A perforated or punched leather strap for instance.
Waterproof or padded leather straps are the perfect choice for who wear marine chronographs. Just remember to take your watch band off before diving or sunbathing.

How to change your style?

A padded leather watch strap, why not. It is made of two layers of strong hide filled with padding and sewn or glued together. The result is a classical but sporty watch band. It surely fits well sport watches but it can also give a stylish look to the luxury one. Padded leather watch bands are often punched or stitched using different colors to give a more sporty technical style.

What is a Nato watch strap?

It is a simple wristband originally made of nylon used by British soldiers during World War II. Nowadays it is  everywhere appreciated for its simple sporty look without stitching nor lining.

The main trait of this watch band is to be made of just one piece of canvas which is inserted from one side to the other of the watch. The band passes under the case and is blocked by a buckle.

If the shape of your watch doesn’t fit a Nato strap or it needs special adaptators (like Apple watch) you could think about Meridio Heritage or Vintage collections.

They are genuine leather watch bands in two pieces with the same look and feel of the real Nato watch band.

How to choose the color of a leather watch band?

If you like classical style, your leather watch band should be black or a warm brown. Change your style according your mood and activities by choosing different leather and textures.

Crocodile, python or Galuchat watch straps are always elegant and luxury-looking.

If you then choose green, stone, cord colors will give your watch a country or military vintage allure.

Always try to match the color of your wristband with a detail of the watch rather than with your accessories, such as bags, sunglasses, smartphone covers or cuff links.

If your watch has some details in a bold color, don’t be shy and get a matching watch strap.

Is the case in a stylish metal? Choose a white or light grey leather to present the metal in the best light.

Stitches and buckles

You can play with stitches, rivets and buckles matching the leather band with some details of your watch: dials, hands, numbers and date display. Contrasting stitching colors on the strap always give the watch a sporty style, whereas for a suit watch the stitches must always match with the color of the leather band. Remember that the color of the buckle have to be the same as the one of the case.

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