Choose the right outfit with the new camouflage apple watch bands from the suede collection by Meridio

Camouflage: the trendy style that never expires There are two and they are beautiful: GREEN GUERRILLIA and BLU COMBACT, the new camouflage apple watch bands by Meridio, new entry for the spring summer 2018 collection. A bold and completely innovative style choice confirmed by the inclusion of these two new apple watch straps in the suede collection, the […]…Read More

Travel with Apple Watch: 3 best app must have

Why should I travel with an Apple Watch? In digital era smart devices are the best option to travel. You can use them to book your hotel, checking your flights, find nice places to see around you. Whether you are on a business or leisure travel Apple Watch represents the all-in-one device that allows you […]…Read More

Apple Watch band in leather: how to take care of it

How to keep your Apple Watch leather band clean Apple Watch is one of the smartest device on the market. An elegant and charming leather watch band represents the perfect marriage between technology and tradition. Such a fact is more evident with leather watch bands handmade in Italy with the highest knowledge of an ancient […]…Read More

Apple HomePod: speaker wireless on the market

Apple HomePod: finally on the market! Better late than never. That happened for Apple HomePod: the smartest speaker on the marker. It makes sens to create expectations on audience as part of a storytelling especially when it deals with a promotion of new high-tech accessories and in regard to that Apple rules. But such a […]…Read More

Apple’s iPhone 6s battery life

What is iPhone’s battery life problem? It’s something that many Apple’s customers know very well. Why battery life on my iPhone or iPod is so short and moreover why my devices shutdown so easily? iPhone’s battery life troubles have not been solved through the new upgrades from Cuprtino, on the contrary it seems  that nothing […]…Read More

Save the date: 4 best tech events in the world

Innovation conferences to meet the future In a world that is going faster and faster tech events represent an important chance to take stock of innovation and new technologies. Tech events are full of specialists, journalists and experts that illustrate the state-of-the art technology. Moreover tech events are also a chance to take a look […]…Read More

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