Suede: definition, differences with leather, how do they make it

The word “suede” is strictly connected with the fashion industry from its origin since it referred to a special type of gloves imported from Sweden. Suede comes from the French Suède that simply means Sweden and gloves were called gants de Suède. Originally Suede was used for a wide range of Winter outfits, including gloves […]…Read More

Leather processing steps: preparation, tanning and certification

Leather is a natural and noble product which has been using in a wide range of human activities. Italy is home to more than 300 tanneries: modern and safe factories where leather is produced following the highest standard in quality and efficiency. There are three main districts specialized in leather manufacturing process along Italian peninsula […]…Read More

Proper care for Leather Watch Strap in Summer holidays

A leather watch strap is a natural product that requires care and attention to preserve its genuine features, especially in Summer since heat, salt water and sweat could deteriorate it without a few and essential tricks. In addition proper care for leather watch band means that it will last longer and it will look new […]…Read More

What makes Summer special?

No doubt that most of us consider Summer our favourite season. We enjoy bare feet, fireflies, bonfires on the beach and long days that never end. We could spend our time in productive, more or less, fishing mornings, travelling on the road to reach San Francisco or Las Vegas. We could lie by the pool […]…Read More

Coffee cup sleeves: a finger-saver work of art

Once there were only burned fingers and dangerous drinks: too hot, too untouchable to raise your fingers at theirs. Nowadays there are save people that walk around without worrying about that. Now coffee cup sleeves are housed in the same building as Vincent van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” since they can be found at MoMA […]…Read More

What is the right Apple Watch size for a woman?

What Apple Watch size should I buy? This is the most common question we have heard in the last years: common, but not so obvious at all. It’s impossible to give a straight answer about the best watch size for women that could help you to choose the right Apple Watch for you. A good […]…Read More

What really is pony hair, hair calf, hair-on-leather?

First of all we are here to let you know that NO ponies being used to create pony hair watch bands. Those refined accessories that we love so much come from cows or goats hides, so relax, please! If you are wondering what kind of material is being used to produce those accessories, we are […]…Read More

How to wrap your Headphones in 10 fashionable ways

Today we are going to show you how to wrap ear buds in ten easy and cool ways. You can buy fashionable gadgets to fold your headphones without tangling, or you can do it by yourself. 1. Two fingers wrapping The first way is usually the simplest one. Hold the ear buds in your hand. […]…Read More



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