Apple’s iPhone 6s battery life

What is iPhone’s battery life problem? It’s something that many Apple’s customers know very well. Why battery life on my iPhone or iPod is so short and moreover why my devices shutdown so easily? iPhone’s battery life troubles have not been solved through the new upgrades from Cuprtino, on the contrary it seems  that nothing […]…Read More

Save the date: 4 best tech events in the world

Innovation conferences to meet the future In a world that is going faster and faster tech events represent an important chance to take stock of innovation and new technologies. Tech events are full of specialists, journalists and experts that illustrate the state-of-the art technology. Moreover tech events are also a chance to take a look […]…Read More

Steve Jobs: the Italian fashion factory that defeated Apple

A Made in Italy affair that spread all over the world The story dates back to 2012 when Vincenzo and Giacomo from Arzano, 9 kilometers north of Naples – Italy – decided to register their own trademark for a new fashion company. Nothing strange as many companies around the world create and register trademarks every […]…Read More

Best gifts for the best Saint Valentine’s day

Things to know about Saint Valentine Sad story between the lines of a romantic celebration. Saint Valentine’s story is not so sweet as we could figure out. Hard time in the year 245 AD  for people who wanted to express their thought especially if they were Christian in a period when christian faith was not […]…Read More

Future Apple Watch could save our life

EKG monitor developing by Apple: is it rumours or real? Apple’s involvement in human health is becoming more and more active and surprising thanks to new apps and sensors that take care of our health during our daily life. A new feature that could improve Apple Watch health functions is represented by an advanced heart-monitor […]…Read More

Apple Watch: the challenge for the new year is coming

Apple: an engagement in human health When Apple started working on Apple Watch it focused its attention on wellness in order to create a wearable device able to monitor some functions of the human body that people usually don’t measure. The result of such a project is now represented by two tools that make easy […]…Read More

Where to celebrate the New Year’s Eve?

Where to celebrate the New Year’s Eve?  Are you ready to sync your Apple Watch around the world? There are many places around the world to celebrate a special New Year’s Eve. The best fireworks, the best new year’s eve parties with the best accessories. There are also many ways to enjoy a unique New […]…Read More

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