Italian tailoring: Milan Fashion Week new trends

There are not so many cities that can boast such an important title Milan is one of the them as the expression of the highest standards of Italian tailoring. Milan Fashion Week is a world wide event that houses every year the last trends of global fashion in a unique frame made with beauty and […]…Read More

How to listen to music on Apple Watch?

Maybe you are running or you are working out and you want to listen to your favorite playlist just on your Apple Watch. How can I do that? That’s the question we are going to answer to offer you the best tips to use your Apple Watch Series 3 to listen to music. Practically Apple Watch […]…Read More

Apple Watch Series 3: rumours and predictions

Web sites have been reviewing the new Apple Watch Series 3 and as usual predictions and rumours go form the best to the worst. The Verge editor Lauren Goode highlighted her Apple Watch 3 “ failed at the LTE part “ and Apple is trying to resolve it with a future software update. The New […]…Read More

Apple Watch: health and care

There is a strict connection between Apple Watch, lifestyle and health. Such a device was produced to improve human life and help people to keep in fit. That’s why a wide range of sensors, radios and monitoring technologies are included in your Apple Watch. At the heart of Cupertino’s philosophy there was healthcare thanks to […]…Read More

The real market of third party Apple Watch bands

No mistakes. Third party Apple Watch band is an original market of many products and companies that offer customers a wide range of different opportunities. Such a list is virtually infinite as everyday new sites are born to sell accessories for Apple Watch devices. Choice can be really difficult for customers and purchase can become […]…Read More

A shopping experience through Italian Peninsula

Wherever you land in Italy, your travel will start in a simple and easy way. One step after another. Whereto? Italian map changes according to the place you move from as if an entire world of unique traditional shops opened its doors for you. Italy is a large mosaic where every single tessera owns its […]…Read More

The best ways to protect your Apple Watch screen

We often take our Apple Watch for granted. We wear it at our wrist as if it was part of our outfit without thinking of it. Unless you are checking something on it we will think that everything is ok, but when the damage is done, it’s obviously too late to repair it. No panic […]…Read More

Apple Watch bands Color Wheel

A representative image of a Color Wheel is an organization of colors and hues around a circle which shows the relationship between primary colors, secondary colors, etc. A round rainbow that can help you to choose the best combination between your Apple Watch band color and your favourite outfit. But color combination is not a […]…Read More

Ten stylish bands for Rose Gold Apple Watch

Rose Gold is one of the most stylish and exclusive Apple watches on the market. Rose Gold color reminds us of innocence and delicacy thanks to its hues that make it unique and impressive. If you are still doubtful about it go on reading to discover the best Rose Gold Apple Watch bands. Why should you get […]…Read More



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