Meridio’s tips: 7 Italian handmade gifts for your Christmas

What to buy in Italy for Christmas? The Christmas period is the perfect time to visit Italy. Ancient monuments and traditional villages are covered with colorful lights and the typical smells of Italian cuisine permeates the air. Traditional Christmas markets have their scenographic location on cobbled squares crowded with artisans who show off their handmade […]…Read More

Headphones and Airpods, wired and wireless: What about you?

Apple’s AirPods and other headphones When Apple released its new Apple’s AirPods it hit the target: transforming a banal accessory in a great demand product able to improve user experience. Such a fact was possible thanks to Apple’s control over both the hardware and software. AirPods have become one of the best examples of that […]…Read More

Spotify VS Apple, Rise VS Up Next… Who will win?

In 2015 Apple’s users found out a new icon on their display figuring the well known “note” representing Apple Music service. Unlike Spotify Apple’s customers didn’t have to comb Apple Store to get the client installed as Apple Music was automatically installed during the upgrade. For those who like playing music on Apple Watch the […]…Read More

A social catwalk for the fashion industry

Social media is part of our lives. We use it to share contents or to stay connected with friends and it’s impossible to remind us of our life without it. The fashion industry uses social media to reduce the gap between brands and consumers as part of a social marketing that involves users through different […]…Read More

Your leather strap for Apple Watch with Apple Pay

Apple concerns about security and privacy is well known around the world and Apple Pay proves one more time such a fact. Using Apple Pay your purchase information are kept secret as Apple doesn’t receive any detail of your transactions on its servers. You have to register your cards via the Passbook and Apple Pay […]…Read More

Apple Watch Series 3: one app for every important moment

Wake up, children, breakfast, cars, trains, office, coffee, lunch, office again, coming home and so on… Yes every day is so busy that sometimes it appears to us longer than 24hrs or more often it looks like shorter as if time flew up from our hands faster and faster. But a simple and wearable device […]…Read More

Style and Wellness: a band for every kind of sports

Workouts, running and cycling require the right band with specific features and market is full of a great variety of colorful and captivating Apple Watch bands. There also many Apple Watch apps for running and fitness and useful monitoring systems that guarantee a new way to experience sports and wellness. But what about style and […]…Read More

Italian tailoring: Milan Fashion Week new trends

There are not so many cities that can boast such an important title Milan is one of the them as the expression of the highest standards of Italian tailoring. Milan Fashion Week is a world wide event that houses every year the last trends of global fashion in a unique frame made with beauty and […]…Read More

How to listen to music on Apple Watch?

Maybe you are running or you are working out and you want to listen to your favorite playlist just on your Apple Watch. How can I do that? That’s the question we are going to answer to offer you the best tips to use your Apple Watch Series 3 to listen to music. Practically Apple Watch […]…Read More

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