Born from the union between the longtime expertise in the fashion and luxury accessories field of Meridio’s team with the savoire-faire of Italian artisans, Meridio merges innovation, creativity and style into a tech accessory brand focused on the high-quality of the Made in Italy added value and the research of new materials.

Stylish and classic, yet contemporary and modern, Meridio offers trendy and up-to-date bands to your smartwatch thanks to its creative team of experts and manufacturing suppliers.

With the aim to enlarge the knowledge in the research and development of the latest materials while discovering new and eco-friendlier resources, Meridio wants to offer a wide selection of alternatives to meet all tastes and preferences.

Quality is the leitmotif of our entrepreneurial philosophy

  • QUALITY of the Materials: not only leather of the best finishing complying with international laws, but also more sustainable materials coming from different sources.
  • QUALITY of the Design: the result of a deep research to provide a unisex design suitable for everyday occasions as well as more elegant ones.
  • QUALITY of the Manufacture: all Meridio bands are handmade in Italy by an ancient tannery in Marche, a region known for its manufacturing and artisanal art.
  • QUALITY of Service: Meridio has provided a simple and immediate user experience on its e-commerce to reach people all over the world.


Meridio, where the strong character of Italian tradition meets cutting-edge technology: a combination that gives rise to a modern and contemporary luxury accessory, tailor-made, by us for you.

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