The REcycle Collection

Clothing waste has become a big problem in the past few years, but fortunately today there are many solutions to fight it.

Meridio has already taken an eco-friendlier turn with #tide and Apple Skin collections, always keeping the quality of the Made in Italy that characterizes the brand.

With the aim to help by doing its part, as well as discovering and enlarging the alternative products with new materials, Today Meridio continues the eco-friendly initiative through the REcycle Collection, a collection entirely made with Recycled Cotton from pre-loved high quality cotton items.

Worried about quality and durability? The REcycle Colletion uses high quality recycled cotton fabric that has been treated with performance wax.

This colorful collection is inspired by the like-minded companies we have collaborated with, which are as engaged in making steps for a more sustainable future as Meridio is doing.

Designed with Watch series 8,Ultra

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