The watchbands

Do Meridio bands fit with Apple Watch Series 8, Ultra and previous version ?

You can match Meridio band with any Apple Watch Series case. It also works with all previous versions of Apple Watch, including Series 7|6|5|4|3|2| 1. 41 mm bands works also with the 38/40mm case while 45 mm band works with the 42/44 mm case dimension.

What does 38|40|41 stands for?

It means the band works for  38/40/41 mm cases 

What does 42|44|45 mm stands for?

It means the band work for 42/44/45 mm cases 

Can I use any kind of treatment on my leather strap?

In order to guarantee to your watchband the quality care it deserves, we heartily suggest you to use neutral leather polish.

Are the straps waterproof ?

Only Caoutchouc are 100% water resistant, the other ones are not waterproof

Are the straps handmade?

Through the phases of the manufacturing process, which do not require automation, the production of the straps is entrusted to the expert hands of artisans of the field. Everything is exclusively Made in Italy, only Alligator leather come from United States

Are buckles included with your strap?

Yes, you will receive the strap together with the original Meridio buckle. You can choose the suitable color for the case of your Apple Watch with slight difference depending on the background material; such as the aluminum of the watch and the steel of our adaptors.

How many holes are in one strap?

There are 8 or 9 holes in a strap, it depends on the selected collection.

What is the adaptors material?

The material is Stainless 316L. It matches all Apple watch cases but any light variations can be occur because we don’t use aluminium for our finishes but we prefer to provide a durable one in a wide of color through a PVD method, “Physical vapor deposition”, commonly used for decorative purposes in industrial processes. In sputtering, the vapor is formed by a metal target being bombarded with energetic gas ions. Cathodic arc method uses repetitive vacuum arc discharges to strike the metal target and to evaporate the material. All PVD processes are carried out under high vacuum conditions. The typical process temperature for PVD coatings is between 250°C and 450°C. In some cases, PVD coatings can be deposited at temperatures below 70°C or up to 600°C, depending on substrate materials and expected behavior in the application.

What's the length of the straps?

The 38 | 40 mm fits a wrist size 120 – 185 mm while the big one, 42 | 44 mm, works in an interval 155 – 215 mm

How thick are your straps?

The thickness ranges from 3 to 3,6 mm.

Are your watchbands and buckles labeled “Apple Watch”?

No, our watchbands are high quality items which we believe are equivalent to the original ones. Meridio is our Italian signature


How long does it take for shipping my strap?

All goods are shipped after payment receipt and order completed within maximum 3 working days. A confirmation email including tracking number and url will be sent when the straps are shipped. Visit our web page to get more deep infos about

Which countries do you ship to?

Worldwide shipment service is offered.

What are the shipping charges?

We offer only Express Shipping provided by UPS international courier   to warrantee the delivery within 1 or 2 business days for UE while not over 3 working days for Extra.  5 euro for European destinations while $10 for USA and CANADA and $15 all the rest of world.

Where is the shipping hub?

To warranty the worldwide shipping, Meridio Logistics has a shipping hub in Italy

DHL Packstation is a valid delivery address?

It is not a valid address  because UPS does not deliver to this address. In these cases, you have to provide an alternative one

Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order before it is dispatched. If the strap has already been sent, you must receive it and begin the return process.

Can I return the band?

You can return the strap in the same conditions as you have received it within 30 days after receipt and after filling in the form that you can download from our website. Read the detailed Return policy and fill in our form, we will be happy to help you as soon as possible

Can I return bands with monogram?

We cannot refund bands with monogram as you can read in Return and Terms and Conditions page

How do you wrap the products you deliver?

Our products are delivered in their standard original packaging. You can ask for a special gift packaging by flagging the option while choosing your product to add your cart

Are Meridio bands under warranty?

Meridio bands are under manufacturer warranty for manufacturing defects within 30 days after receipt.

How does international taxation work?

We ship the parcels in compliance with DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid) delivery terms, i.e. duties and taxes are charged to the receiver.

What can I do if I cannot complete the payment?

You can verify a few details, for example:

  • if you are using a prepaid card, verify that there is enough money;
  • verify if your card can be used for online transactions;
  • try using another computer or a different browser

If you still have problems email us at We will do our best to help you out.


Can I personalise the straps and/or the iPhone cases with my initials?

Yes, you can, you can have up to three characters on each strap. You can choose if you want them on the back or top side, depends on the kind of leather also. For your attention, the purchased bands with initials cannot be returned.

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