This collection celebrates the human connection with nature. The Ancient beauty we aim to protect inspired these pieces.

Earth Apple watch bands are 100% made in Italy with Texon Vogue, an innovative, eco-friendly, high-quality alternative to leather. It’s an ethical cellulose solution made of natural, vegan, and recyclable fibers.

These watch bands have a sophisticated vintage leather look. They will feel grainy and soft to the touch. Comfortable, and made to last, so you can explore the Earth with them.

We want you to take with you the beauty of the Earth


 Compatible with Apple Watch Ultra and 8

Why is vegan leather better than animal leather?
Vegan leather is not only cruelty free, but also more durable and less likely to peel or crack than animal leather. Vegan leather is flexible, lightweight, and washable. In terms of sustainability, although both are biodegradable, vegan leather is especially nonpolluting, it needs less water and doesn’t use toxic chemicals.
Do you want to know more about what Texon Vogue is?
Texon Vogue is made of cellulosic fleece. The material can adapt to different thicknesses, colors, and finishes. It’s both biodegradable and recyclable. A great sustainable alternative to animal leather. It’s been certified by the Vegan Society
What other eco-friendly materials and products do we have at Meridio?
We are doing more than this! We have other exciting projects we are proud to present, exploring different materials with sustainability as a goal.
Our Ocean Bound Plastic collection is made of recycled plastic from the ocean, helping to restore the environment. The Apple Skin collection was our first plant-based vegan leather alternative made 100% in Italy. And lastly, the Recycled Cotton collection, fights the problem of clothing waste. Each collection with unique designs.
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