The best quality materials are the guarantee for an excellent final product. This is why we carefully select the full grain leather of Meridio bands, which is then is worked by an historical Italian tannery.

We have chosen 10 different types of Italian leather , 1 made in natural rubber, and the last one in recycled ocean plastic; each one is available in different colours. From soft and classic leathers to more original and unconventional choices, we wish to offer to everyone their own style.

Getting started our tour with the new arrival Urban, where through this new collection of Apple Watch Bands, we aim to bridge between the American urban chic style and the European touch of class. All the bands are made from Italian full grain leather and are equipped with a double loop

Ancient is a collection bands where we are back to primordial colours mades of suede leather which gives the strap a touch of warmth. Using this high quality leather, we work on every single item to give each strap a vintage outlook. The result of such an  intense manufacturing is a brand new and unique piece.

Bullet Proof , a strong vintage collection made by an amazing naturally aged full grain leather, embellished by 30 handmade slots that confers transpirability and a masculine design at your wrist.

While the precious, pearly and shiny Stingray full grain leather, pearly and shiny, is perfect for those looking an incredibly durable product. Galuchat collection is named after the technique of making the ray skin bright and colorful, developed by J.C. Galuchat, an 18th-century craftsman at the court of Versaille.

While the more practical, Nappa is light and elastic, fits perfectly for the more dynamic and adventurous; a branch of it is Fluo mades with an Italian calf leather that embrace your Apple Watch with a vitaminic accent for your summer parties. Soft and smooth to the touch with incredibly bright colors available for you in limited edition

The Nappa full grain leather used in the Vintage collection becomes extremely luxurious and exclusive thanks to the deep, peculiar color choices.

To make your band unique, the genuine leather used in Heritage collection goes through natural processes and vegetable tanning for 3 month, giving your Apple Watch band a look that is truly vintage.

Furthermore the new collection Suede made by a Cow split leather (Bos Taurus scientific name) is well know for its great features: long lasting quality, softness, lightness and maximum mechanical flexibility.

Reptilia is a Meridio’s collection stilish and glamour made by calfskin full grain leather available in six different matt colours.

Clay is a Meridio’s collection, essential and comfortable,  it is available in four different colours. The full grain leather of these bands is completely handcrafted and tanned by Italian craftsmen for 48 hours with the quebracho’s vegetal extract, a tree exclusively from Argentina.

A new concept, a new material for Meridio straps: Caoutchouc. Those straps are 100% waterproof, covered in polysester on top, suitable for training and in everyday life.

Last but not the least, Tide is a collection of a waterproof bands in recycled ocean plastic such as Polyethylene (PET), PolypropyLene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE).

Each of our straps is produced in compliance with international laws regarding animal protection and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

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