The best quality materials are the guarantee for an excellent final product.Meridio divides its products into 3 main categories according to the materials the straps are made of: Eco-Friendly, Leather and Sport.

Eco Friendly

Taking a more sustainable approach is what Meridio is investing in, aiming to provide alternative choices to the classic bands it makes.

Being inspired by the collaboration with #tide for the homonymous collection of Apple Watch bands made with recycled plastic from ocean materials, Meridio has decided to put more efforts to dig into this direction, releasing the vegan Apple Skin Collection, made with apple leather, and the REcycle Cotton Collection, made with recycled cotton.


Meridio’s Ancient, Bullet Proof, Galuchat, Urban, Vintage, Heritage, Clay, Nappa and Suede collections are made with full grain leather carefully selected and treated by master artisans to guarantee an excellent and resistant final product. Meridio has chosen 10 different types of Italian leather, from soft to rough, in order to provide original and unconventional choices to accomplish every style. How to maintain the quality and refined finish of the leather?

Check out Meridio’s tips on cleaning and taking care of leather products

Each of our straps is produced in compliance with international laws regarding animal protection and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). Not only, Meridio also offers the option to customize your watch strap with initials by engraving the letters you prefer or a design with the style you like the most.


Designed to please whoever lives a more active and sportive lifestyle, the Caoutchouc and #Tide collections are waterproof and resistant. While Caoutchouc bands are covered in polyester, #Tide bands are made with recycled ocean plastic objects: both options are perfect for training and water activities.

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