All the news from the Apple Watch world: new releases, rumors and previews concerning new models. Updates and insights on features, price, accessories and straps.

Coordinated contact tracing apps might save the summer in Europe

Summer 2020 As summer approaches, a new concern arises. What will happen with tourism this year?! Do we even get to think about planning possible vacation?! Although how promising year 2020 sounded at first, things turned out to be less convenient for everyone worldwide as the world health and economic crisis took place following the […]…Read More

Apple and Google join forces for the COVID-19 contact tracer

Apple and Google join forces against COVID-19 During last month we came across the news regarding one of the most famous collaborations in the history of modern technology. Yes, we are talking about the collaboration between Apple and Google which have embarked on this new venture in the times of the so known as “the […]…Read More

Tech in the time of COVID-19: Apple and Samsung latest news and releases

While the media is buzzing with the health, social and economic crisis following the worldwide pandemic, COVID-19, we cannot help but look at the reactions from the tech giants like Apple and Samsung. These companies have already been responding to the massive health crisis outbreak by limiting travel, cancelling major events and avoiding misinformation on […]…Read More

The Covid-19 aftereffects and the algorithmic solutions

As the Covid-19 is taking over the biggest part of the world, the most effective precaution we can all take this far is to stay home and safe, therefore helping altogether in minimizing the spread of this pandemic.  The impact of the self-imposed isolation Under such circumstances where there is not much we can do, […]…Read More

Why everybody’s choosing Airpods ?

Why AirPods are the most selling wireless earbuds on the market? And why are they defined as the best Apple product in years? Let us explain you everything in this article. AirPods technology AirPods includes in such a tiny body a concentration of high tech sensors and a revolutionary microchip called W1 in the first […]…Read More

Apple Watch could have an integrated camera

Apple Watch could get a dedicated camera on a strap. This is the leak that has been found by Apple Insider two days ago , thanks to the documents published from the US Patent and Trade Mark Office. Apple seems to have requested a proposal for a Watch band with optical sensor, which means that […]…Read More

Everything announced at WWDC 19

Apple WWDC 19 it’s finally started: an entire week for all developers worldwide to learn more about the new software updates Apple will release this fall. We have already shared with you some rumors about what we expected to see today in this article, and we are glad to tell you we were mostly right. […]…Read More

Everything we know about WatchOS 6

WatchOS 6 is going to see the light firstly in June, during the WWDC 2019, and many rumors are coming out these days showing off new interesting features. As we all know, Apple Watch has been developed mainly to be helpful to our fitness tracking and health, and this year we have all been able […]…Read More

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