Everything we know about WatchOS 6

watchos 6

WatchOS 6 is going to see the light firstly in June, during the WWDC 2019, and many rumors are coming out these days showing off new interesting features.

As we all know, Apple Watch has been developed mainly to be helpful to our fitness tracking and health, and this year we have all been able for the first time to do an ECG on our wrist.

More useful features are going to come, such as sleep tracking, menstrual cycles tracking with an app called Cycles, and Dose.

Dose might be the name of a new app that anyone could use in the future to set reminders for meds and tablets, in order to never forget about medicines, offering another step to make Apple Watch the perfect health companion.

Apple Watch Sleep Tracking


sleep tracking watchOS 6

The long awaited Sleep Tracking on Apple Watch, may be officially available in September with WatchOS 6, but some rumors said that it might not be compatible with any current Apple Watch version.

In order to use it we should all buy the new Apple Watch Series 5, that will probably be equipped with a better battery, able to track our sleep during the night.

Also we will probably see an App Store pre-installed in Apple Watch, to directly download apps from the device, bypassing iPhone.

Voice Memos might also see its extension on AW, and even Apple Books might be available on the Watch to directly listen via Airpods  our favourite audiobooks.

Even a calculator app for Apple Watch will be available.

Some users are also wondering if Apple will include in WatchOS 6 a Bedtime mode, similar to the one already available on iPhone and iPad, with also a simple yet nice feature that automatically activate Do not disturb mode .

watchOS 6


Watch Faces

It has been said online that we will see  three new watchfaces to personalize Apple Watch via WatchOS 6, called:

  • Gradient
  • California, characterized by Arab and Roman numbers
  • Solar Analog, a digital version of a Sundial
  • Infograph Sundial, a similar version of Solar Analog with enough space to set complications


WatchOS 6 & Apple Watch LTE

We will probably see more services available for Apple Watch LTE, that will give the possibility to streaming services like Spotify, Podcast and many more, to be used without an iPhone. This “new feature” might be the perfect solution for runners to use on a daily bases.

watchOS 6



The Workout app might see some updates and changes, giving us the chance to set our favourite rings in order to see at a glance your nutritional status, water goals and more.

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