Why everybody’s choosing Airpods ?


Why AirPods are the most selling wireless earbuds on the market? And why are they defined as the best Apple product in years? Let us explain you everything in this article.

AirPods technology

AirPods includes in such a tiny body a concentration of high tech sensors and a revolutionary microchip called W1 in the first version and H1 in the new Airpods. Both these microchips allow the Airpods to instantly connect to an iOS device, and this feature is what makes Airpods so much loved all around the world.

When somebody calls you, you can just pull off an earbud from the case and you are immediately ready to speak without using your phone.

It’s a simple thing yet very convenient, that brings back the magic to the Apple ecosystem.

Obviously these tiny earbuds are not able to offer a high range quality in music reproduction, and for sure an audiophile will prefer other headset instead of this one, but what Airpods can offer is convenience, reliability with a strong connection and a very good quality in calls thanks to the microphones.

Nobody in the wireless earbuds market can offer a similar level at the moment, because the design of the Airpods helps the microphones to fit closer to your mouth, offering to your interlocutor a better sound.

AirPods as an icon of style

It’s not a secret that many people see Apple as a premium brand, and Airpods became an icon of style, and a sense of belonging to a fashion and wealthy social rank. The same thing that happens with an iPhone in somebody’s hands, or an Apple Watch, now happens with two small white sticks in your ears! 


A new market 

Thanks to Apple and the beloved Airpods, a new sector in the market has born, and is entirely focused on earbuds and embedded features, with new startups almost every week.

Everybody is trying to steal Airpods pole position, but almost 3 years later Apple is still at the top sellings.

Nobody before them have been able to realize such a small and functional gadget, and we can absolutely confirm that Tim Cook delivered it at the right time.

Apple has the ability to shake the global markets whenever she wants it, bringing behind her a trail of brands and products makers ready to jump in.


AirPods accessories

Airpods success it has also been pushed by all the third parties brand that developed specific accessories for the Airpods and new Airpods, to personalize them and also protect them.

You might have seen online many silicon cases, bands, bracelets and laces, but you haven’t seen an exclusive designed in Italy collection for the Airpods… until now! 


Today we launch our brand new collection of five different cases in real leather for Airpods, designed perfectly for the new Airpods and 100% Wireless charging compatible.

Take a look at them here!


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