Looking for news and information on leather? In these articles you will find our guides: information on Italian leather and its workmanship, traditional and exotic skins, the best leather for Apple Watch bands and methods to clean it.

Why everybody’s choosing Airpods ?

Why AirPods are the most selling wireless earbuds on the market? And why are they defined as the best Apple product in years? Let us explain you everything in this article. AirPods technology AirPods includes in such a tiny body a concentration of high tech sensors and a revolutionary microchip called W1 in the first […]…Read More

Meridio around the world: where and who chooses a Meridio leather’s accessory

Everybody gets crazy about Meridio Apple Watch accessories. This is simply a fact. Even if you are French, English, American, if you live in Canada, Germany, Hong Kong or anywhere around the world, you can’t help but appreciate Meridio accessories: they are classy, extremely comfortable to wear and offer you the guarantee to be made […]…Read More

Christmas gift ideas: how to find the best Xmas gift with Meridio

The countdown to find unique Christmas gift ideas is finally on! It is time to check the best Christmas gifts for your beloved ones off the list and to start bustling about it. If you are looking for the perfect gift idea for tech lovers, www.meridioband.com may be a one stop shopping place for your […]…Read More

The success and the rise of a company with a Made in Italy heart: an interview with Meridio’s co-founder

Meridio Band represents the union between Made in Italy tradition and craftsmanship and the tech world. The birth of a successful brand that is the meeting of two very different realities is not easy and requires continuous work on materials, like genuine leather, and great attention to the innovations and trends. We interviewed the co-founder […]…Read More

What people said around the world about Meridio Apple Watch leather band

You are tired of the usual leather bands or silicone straps for your Apple Watch. You are looking now for something more special, unique and elegant. Actually, one of the best choice for you is to purchase a leather band from Meridio. Are you asking why? Meridio’s bands are suitably different from other straps. They […]…Read More

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