What people said around the world about Meridio Apple Watch leather band

You are tired of the usual leather bands or silicone straps for your Apple Watch. You are looking now for something more special, unique and elegant.

Actually, one of the best choice for you is to purchase a leather band from Meridio. Are you asking why? Meridio’s bands are suitably different from other straps. They are 100% leather, soft to touch and wear, entirely made in Italy, a perfect elegant accessory, customizable in the colour of your choice and the letters you may ask to engrave on it.

All this and more people around the world say in their reviews. Let’s go to discover, then, what people say and what are Meridio Apple watch leather band strengths you have to know before to buy your next Apple Watch band.

Handmade in Italy

“As this brand is made in Italy, you can certainly expect a high-quality band perfect to give your Apple watch an additional luxury feel.”

Italian accessories, you know, are really appreciated all around the world.

Made in Italy handicraft is always synonymous with quality, refinement, taste, and attention to details. All qualities that are hard to find in crafts from other countries of the world.

All in Meridio’s bands is the perfect result of made in Italy knowledge: material processing, where leather and other raw material are tanned and finished according to traditional techniques, the expertly hand-sewn cotton finishes, the extreme attention to detail, where nothing is left to chance. Moreover, the exclusive design of Meridio leather bands bridges the distance between Italian ancient traditions and modern technologies with something which enhances the elegance of your Apple Watch.

100% Italian leather

“The leather is super soft and supple.”
All the people noticed in their reviews the top quality Italian leather of Meridio’s Apple Watch bands. These straps are 100% leather and no other material is used, except in hand-sewn cotton finishes, in the steel buckle and into the chrome steel adapter.

The quality leather makes the band a little thicker than others: at the first use, the leather may be a little rigid and need to soften, but after few hours the leather suits perfectly to the shape of the wrist, is very comfortable and allows the skin to breathe.

Handmade patterns and stitching

“Les finitions sont impeccables, c’est un bracelet qui devrait résister à l’épreuve du temps.”

That’s true. The handmade stitching is perfect and sturdy, to stand the test of time. It is in cotton, realized with a made in Italy handicraft technique and usually has a different color from the leather: it offers a nice stylish contrast and makes the band even more unique and fashionable.

The buckle is solid steel, easy to use and more unusual than the classic loops of the Apple.
The band has Apple’s sliding rails to connect your Apple Watch. There are also some faux lugs which give the watch a very classy look.

Monogram band

“Meridio even lets you further personalize their bands with custom engraving.”
Last but not least, if you want something customizable, Meridio leather bands are your perfect accessory. Many people actually appreciated the possibility Meridio offers you to get your initials engraved on the leather with a little additional cost. This makes your band unique, elegant and actually perfect as a gift.

Are you still uncertain whether to purchase or not a Meridio band? I’ll give you just a last quote to convince you: “After wearing a fake leather Apple Watch watchband and then using these, there just is no comparison.”

What people said around the world about Meridio Apple Watch leather band
Article Name
What people said around the world about Meridio Apple Watch leather band
Quality, refinement, taste, and attention to details: these are the reasons why Meridio Apple Watch leather bands are appreciated all around the world.
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