Packing list for an Italy road trip: the 3 must-have travel accessories

To arrange an Italy road trip is something a lot of people dream of in their life.
Romance, history, and culture you can breathe everywhere are worthy of a visit to Italy. If you then add to this the smells of the tastiest food you’ll ever taste, the breathtaking sights you’ll enjoy everywhere and the friendly smiles you’ll always bump into wherever you go, you will understand why an Italy road trip is something you will not be able to do without.
Many travelers really don’t know, however, how to pack when they are going to Italy and tend to over or under pack.
Let’s go to discover your perfect travel packing list for an Italy road trip and the 3 must-have travel accessories you can’t forget.

The Apple Watch band

Yes, I know, it may sound a little strange, but it is true: Apple Watch band is important while you are in Italy. Why?
Of course, to travel with an Apple Watch is very useful for a lot of reasons. You will easily send texts, keep up on flight alerts, and you can pay in a simpler and more secure way than using your credit card if you are in an area that supports tap to pay. You may then download and use several Apple Watch Apps dedicated to travelers, without having to check your iPad or laptop.
But while in Italy, to have an Apple Watch is not enough. You have to match it with an appropriate Made in Italy Apple Watch band. As those created by Meridioband. Why?
Because Italians are very stylish and fashionable and travelers who prefer solely the comfort may feel sloppy. This doesn’t mean you have to fill your luggage with designer gab.
An idea is actually to complete your look with the right accessories: a trendy necklace for women, a tie or scarf for men and obviously the right Apple watch band for both. It is a very trendy accessory and it is made with the finest full grain leather. It is a real touch of class, expression of the most authentic Made in Italy.

A high-quality camera

Arranging an Italy road trip without taking high-quality photos with your camera is almost a crime.
Because of the stunning sights that at any moment could open in front of your very eyes and because of the must-see places you can’t help but visit.
Italy has more than two thousand years of recorded history. A history characterized by different dominations and cultures, which have left a series of fascinating historical and cultural pieces of evidence. Moreover, Italy is located in one of the most beautiful places on the planet, with breathtaking views (i.e. on the Amalfi Coast or Cinque Terre), crystal clear sea (i.e. in Sardinia or Apulia) and stunning mountains rising in the blue sky (i.e. in Valle d’Aosta or Trentino Alto Adige).
A bit of advice: together with your camera, don’t forget to add to your packaging list an Italy Power Adapter. Standard US plugs are not compatible with the Italian outlets. So, to have your camera and other electronics always charged, you’ll need a power adapter designed to fit into the Italian sockets.

The right items of clothing

While packing for your Italy road trip, you have to pack deliberately.
First of all, your outfit depends on the season. Italy has milder weather than other countries in the world but, as you can imagine, there are a lot of differences between the summer and winter weather.
Anyway, it is important you prepare for the Sun because in Italy sunshine is bright and omnipresent, most of all in summer but even in the winter. So, pack light clothes and a fashionable sunhat, to keep rays off your face and bring sunglasses always with you. And don’t forget the sunscreen either, because a sunburn could be very annoying in your road trip.
Keep in mind, lastly, to always bring a scarf with you: if you plan to visit Italian churches and other religious places, you have to cover your shoulders, even in the summer. This item is easy to pack, fashionable and besides helping you avoid be turned away from such sites, can be useful also to ward off an evening chill.

Packing list for an Italy road trip: the 3 must-have travel accessories
Article Name
Packing list for an Italy road trip: the 3 must-have travel accessories
Romance, history, and culture: you can find all of this things in Italy. Let's go to discover the 3 must-have travel accessories for a road trip in Italy
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