Christmas outfits: what to wear this Christmas

christmas outfits

It is not so easy to find the best combos to create your perfect Christmas outfits, because this has to combine elegance, tradition, and appeal. Are you looking for the Christmas party outfit which better fits for you? Here’s what we suggest you wear on your Christmas holidays.


Christmas outfits 2018

Christmas is coming. It’s time to think about the best Christmas party outfit to wear. Because Christmas day is not the only occasion to display your better look: whether you are attending an office soirée, a Christmas dinner with your family or a New Year’s party, it may be your perfect time to dazzle.

Christmas outfit colors to wear

In order to find the best Christmas outfits for you, we can start from the color choice to wear:

  • The red in all its shades is the ultimate color of Christmas time; this color expresses love, joy and gives warmth to those who are with you
  • Forest green, emerald green, and white are perfect to be worn on Christmas time, too; those shades may bring you immediately in the Christmas atmosphere, in a house full of kids waiting for Christmas gifts, where you sit comfortably around the fireplace with your family
  • Black, metallic colors as gold, bronze and silver are always chic, elegant and suitable for the most official occasions and for the New Year’s party, of course


Christmas outfit ideas

To create your best Christmas outfit, you can start to match the colors I suggested above.
What do you think for instance about a red high-waisted skirt with a comfortable white wool jumper? You can also opt for a burgundy jumpsuit, elegant for every occasion, to combine with a velvet coat, if you want to add a classy touch. Then, if you choose a velvet forest green dress, you will be stylish for sure: this is the most fashionable color of this winter and this is impeccable to create your Christmas party outfit.
Finally, black option is a guarantee: a black dress decorated with shimmering glow of sequins and pears is perfect to dazzle at a New Year’s party while classy black high-waisted trousers with a tight-fitting blouse or combined with a lurex shirt will be perfect for your Staff soirée.


Meridio’s accessories to complete your Christmas outfits

An impeccable Christmas outfit is not complete without the right accessories. To find the best dress and the perfect outfit that makes you feel elegant, yet comfortable is important but it is not enough. You need something that makes you feel special, which reflects your personality and let you distinguish from others, giving you that unique touch of style and elegance.
Meridio’s accessories could be your right choice. You can opt for a burgundy leather combo, choosing a colonial red band for your Apple Watch, to combine with a Grapewine iPhone leather case. These are the perfect accessories to complete both an elegant and casual Christmas outfit, and they are also suitable to add an original touch to the elegant Christmas outfits for women.
If you are looking actually for something simpler to give your Christmas outfits a touch of warmth, you can choose a leather dried Herb band for your Apple watch, to wear with your favorite white snow pull. And what do you think about pulling out of your bag a soft and elegant O’Koffe Cupholder to hold the cup of tea your friends or parents are offering you while you are chatting and laughing around a fireplace? This gesture will impress for sure them!
Just a final tip: don’t forget that if you are looking for your perfect accessories to complete your Christmas outfit, or you are still looking for your Christmas gifts, you can grab a special deal on Meridio: if your cart is over 150 USD you will save 30% on your purchase!

Christmas outfits: what to wear this Christmas
Article Name
Christmas outfits: what to wear this Christmas
Are you looking for the Christmas outfit which better fits for you? Here's what we suggest you wear on your Christmas holidays!
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