Italian leather: what makes it better

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If you love leather, learn why the Italian one is the best for durable and elegant bags, belts or watch bands. It depends on the quality of the processing techniques: top grain and full grain. But it also refers to the quality of the base product: vegetable tanned Italian leather.

What does Italian leather mean?

Made in Italy of course!
It is highly priced leather used for a wide range of different goods: bags, wallets, shoes, watch bands, even car interiors.
Italian leather is highly regarded in fashion and design for the beauty of its nuances and its long-lasting strength.

What is Italian leather made of?

The obvious question is not so obvious at all.
It is made of cowhide but this is just the first step. To obtain the best Italian leather special traditional techniques are used. Different types of treatments and different parts of the hide result in a great quality product.

What makes it the best?

Passion and tradition. The old workers and the new one believe in their job and in what they are going to do.
A deep knowledge of the different leathers that they are using.
The tanning methods are natural, using vegetable ingredients. That’s why Italian leather is so resistant, elastic and smooth.
And last but not least the special nuances that make this kind of leather immediately recognizable and unique.

Why is it called “Italian leather”?

Because the process of vegetables tanning has been invented in the Tuscan tanneries, where it is still used.
There are other places in the world which use this technique, of course. But the Italian leather is also a trade-mark to protect the traditional knowledge and techniques. It is the result of an ancient wisdom connected with the last technical innovations.

Where does it come from?

In a global world, our hide too is global. It comes from different countries and the entire process is certified. From the breeding to the tannery. As a result we know that no animals are killed just for their skin.
The cowhides that we use are the by-products of the food industries.

How is it made?

It is a well guarded secret, but we know something!
The most important part of process is the tanning.
The raw hides undergo natural treatments in wood drums. Using vegetable tannins the hides spend up to three months in water and shadow.
The tannins build insoluble complexes with the proteins of animal skins to guarantee the durability of the leather.
Such a process gives a typical smell to the Italian leather.

What does it mean: Full Grain?

It is the most resistant and strongest leather. It is made of the top layer of the hide without sanded or buffed it.
This kind of treatment assures the customer a unique product with all the typical skin’s imperfections and nuances.
The Full Grain looks more natural and raw and every piece has its own features.

And: Top Grain?

It is made of a thinner layer of hide: softer and more flexible than the Full Grain.
Its surface has been sanded and a finish coat can be added.
It does not develop a patina unlike the other one but it is less breathable.
The Top Grain is cheaper and it does not look natural but its great resistance to stains make it a useful product for everyday life.

How to clean Italian Leather?

This operation is very simple and easy.
You do not need a lot of time to clean leather.
Just wipe the exterior surface with a soft cloth and warm, mild soapy water.
After it, dry the leather with another clean cloth.
Remember: never soak or rinse it, otherwise it can lose its natural qualities.
Lastly allow it do air dry, away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

How to protect it?

Don’t worry, it is naturally resistant and durable but if you want you can buy an our product for the treatment Amazonian Wax To take care of your leather and extend its life.

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