Apple Watch Series 3 gold: which colors and bands to wear in the Summer?

Why does Apple choose this color?

Apple Watch is not just something tech and useful. It is probably the first tech product you can wear to be fashionable: it could make a statement about who you are. That’s why, when you buy your Apple watch, you have to consider not only its features but also its style. A style accessory, a tech accessory that is increasingly aimed at the fashion world. In this direction, according to us by Meridio, the company is going with the presentation of the new color of the case, the rose gold. The style is very close to the proposals of fashion brands such as Daniel Wellington or Cluse or MVMT Watches. Rose gold is obtained from gold and copper, a sophisticate, warm and romantic shade that provides a solid attachment between a person and an accessory, for this reason is the ultimate fashion choice in timeless jewelry. Much more than just launching a new color for the cash box. We have interpreted this latest innovation introduced by Apple as a choice of style and positioning. Move the product more and more towards a fashion placement that approaches the world of watchmaking/jewelry and therefore raises apple watch to something more than just a technological accessory. Let’s go to discover the best matches to wear this summer.

Apple Watch Series 3 Gold: features of this new aluminum case

When we talk about Apple Watch Series 3 Gold, we don’t mean you really have to buy an Apple Watch made in gold. In 2015, Apple actually launched an 18k Gold Edition Watch but it soon turned out to be a flop: compared to its high price (which started at $10,000) this luxury good had the limits to become soon obsolete, as every technological device. When we talk about gold, we are referring to the new Apple Watch Series 3 gold aluminum case. It is an anodized aluminum finish in gold and is the perfect accessory for you if you like to have a luxury look, think watches should be more like jewelry and like to have a little dazzle on your wrist. Moreover, with an Apple Watch Series 3 Gold, you don’t have to worry about the discoloration because the watch is coated aluminum and stainless steel and its color doesn’t go away. Finally, an Apple Watch Series 3 Gold is an accessory you can match with a lot of very cool bands.

Apple Watch Series 3 Gold: the coolest bands to match with

You bought your Apple Watch Series 3 Gold and you are you looking for a band to match with. Just a thing to know: not any band goes with it because the band should be as exclusive and classy as the watch. That’s why we recommend you focus on the excellence of Made in Italy manufacture and choose a handmade leather band. Here are the best matches we suggest for your Apple Watch.

Apple Watch series 3 gold with grey or white band

Matching gold with grey is one of the best choices you can do for your summer style. Apple Watch series 3 gold with a grey band is perfect if you are looking for a luxury accessory but you do not want to be overly elegant. Alternatively, you can choose for a genuine leather Off white band. It’s also the ideal for both your elegant and casual style. An extra tip: you can get a trendy and original look if you match it with orange, red or electric pink clothes.

Apple Watch series 3 gold and blue

To match Apple Watch series 3 gold and blue is the right choice if you are looking for a more sophisticated look. Mediterranean blue leather apple watch band is perfect both for male and female. It matches perfectly with your Apple Watch series 3 gold, if you want something elegant and strong at the same time, and it is the most exclusive expression of Made in Italy production.

Apple Watch Series 3 gold with black band

To complete our top-three list of the best apple watch bands to match with your Apple Watch Series 3 gold, black is something cannot miss. Dark Secret is the best leather band for you to choose if you love the timeless style of black. Suitable for men and women, this band will give your watch all the charm it deserves. Will the launch of the new apple watch rose gold be a new chapter for the apple watch? Who knows! We’ll see. We will continue to offer high-quality made in Italy straps in genuine leather that can be combined with any type of apple watch case!

Apple Watch Series 3 gold: which colors and bands to wear in the Summer?
Article Name
Apple Watch Series 3 gold: which colors and bands to wear in the Summer?
When you buy your Apple Watch Series 3 you have to consider its style, let's see the presentation of the new color of the case: the rose gold.
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