Black Friday Deals: why everybody gets crazy about shopping

Black Friday

As every year, the wait for Black Friday Deals has started. Thousands of shoppers are ready to purchase their favorite items on Black Friday, which is the Day after Thanksgiving, happening this year on November 23.
In this day, many retailers and ecommerce website offer their products at exceptional discounted prices and kick off the holiday shopping season. Actually, especially in the online sales, most Black Friday deals usually start on Thanksgiving or even before and go on later throughout the Black Friday weekend.
What is Black Friday than and how this phenomenon increased in the latest years, showing a huge increase in the ecommerce sector and in wider terms in the online shopping?

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the shopping day after Thanksgiving. At the beginning, it was called Black Friday because many people went out shopping in this day, causing traffic accidents and sometimes violent events.
In the 1950s, the Philadelphia Police Department coined the expression referring to the congestion of pedestrian and vehicle traffic in the downtown. In the 1980s retailers reinvented Black Friday and turned it into a positive experience: as accountants use the word black to signify profit and use red to indicate a loss, Black Friday started to identify one of the most profitable days of the year to retailing and economy in general.

Black Friday 2017, the biggest day in Ecommerce history

If we take a look at Black Friday shopping data in recent years, we observed that even if retailers continue to reach significant peaks in sales on Black Friday, the ecommerce sector is what has done a bang, thanks to people shift to online sales. According to Criteo, Black Friday 2017 was the biggest day in the history of ecommerce and the busiest digital shopping day of all the Holiday season.
Shopping data about online sales in 2017, during Thanksgiving week, reported in News Adobe, shows that between November 23 and 26, online sales totaled $13.03 billion, a 14.4% increase YoY. Black Friday spending totaled $5.03 billion, up 16.9 percent YoY. Shopping data also reflect a growing trend to omnishopping, where shoppers used a variety of devices and channels for their purchases and preferred mobile to the desktop: mobiles represented 60 percent of digital traffic to retail websites and 41% of orders from November 21 to 27, according to Salesforce.

Black Friday 2018 predictions and some previews of Meridio’s Deals

As for 2018, early Black Friday Deals are expected to be online at the beginning of the Thanksgiving Week, between Monday and Wednesday. Also, Black Friday sales will continue all the weekend long, with lots of online deals, so that the Black Friday will confirm as a long savings event.
What about Meridio? The Italian leather brand fits perfectly into this trend.
For you, who are a special fan of its made in Italy products, Meridio planned actually lots of Black Friday deals in the next days with special sales up to 70%.
Stay tuned to and you may shop all your favorite fashion items at incredible prices.
What are you waiting for? Keep your finger ready to click on Meridio’s Black Friday Deals and make sure your beloved products will be yours before Christmas!

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