Apple Watch 4: rumors, release date, price and specifications


It seems that the launch of Apple Watch 4 is about to come and probably it will happen before this Summer ends. How will it be?

We don’t know anything for sure about thisnew Apple Watch, but there are a lot of rumors about it (most of them predicted by the analyst Ming Chi Kuo or appeared on the web thanks to 9TO5Mac) and we can imagine there will be a lot of news and changes compared to Apple Watch 3.

Let’s go to analyze, then, the most interesting rumors and specs about Apple Watch 4.

Apple watch sale: when will Apple Watch 4 be released?

According to the rumors, the new Apple Watch will be launched in the first part of September and will be released on the market a few weeks later.

Even if Apple didn’t guarantee to release a new Apple Watch hardware every year, the release date in September makes sense: both Apple Watch 2 and Apple Watch 3 were released actually in September, in 2016 and 2017, respectively. Moreover, in September the watchOS 5 update may be set and it is possible the new watch will be released right after it.

Apple watch 4 design: a new and bigger display

Something quite certain is that the Apple Watch 4 will have a design different from all the watches that have preceded it and a bigger display. It means that if the previous watches had 38mm or 42mm screen sizes, the Apple watch 4 display will be a 15% larger. The watch will go from a 1.31-inch or 1.54-inch screen of the Apple watch 3 to 1.57-inch display or 1.78 inches for the larger variant.   

A bigger screen doesn’t include a bigger watch: it seems that the overall Apple Watch 4 sizes will be quite similar to the past version. It will happen because actually Apple Watch 3 has a lot of space between the screen and the edge of the watch. The new wearable will have a narrower bezel and an edge-to-edge display or a screen stretching to the edges.

It involves you will probably be able to use your existing bands. Or you can take the opportunity to buy a new strap for your new watch from the wide collection of Meridio Band bands).

As for a circular smartwatch screen, we know that there is an Apple patent for it, but it is very difficult it may concern Apple Watch 4 because a circular display could be not so comfortable to read texts and emails.

Apple Watch 4 battery may be larger than that of the previous wearable, too. That includes the watch could be a little thicker.

New features for Apple Watch 4

It is almost sure the Apple Watch will run the new watchOS 5 software. It will include upgraded features for fitness Apps, the Siri watch face and a new heart rate monitor which may include the EKG technology.  It will track better your heartbeat and provide more accurate information about your heart’s behavior. 

Moreover, Apple Watch 4 probably will use faster circuit boards for its antenna, to have a more stable LTE signal and to resist better to heat and moisture.

Apple Watch 4 model numbers

According to French blog Consomac, in recent days Apple has obtained from the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) the possibility to sell its next watches in the Euroasian Economic Union. The Cupertino company filed, with the EEC, six Apple Watch model numbers. They are A1977, A1978, A1975, A1976, A2007, and A2008 and all of them will run watchOS 5, whose exit is expected in September. These model numbers are completely new and they will likely correspond with the Apple Watch Series 4 range. It means that the new Apple Watch Series will be likely composed of six models, against the Apple Watch Series 3, that has indeed eight model numbers.

Apple Watch price: how much will the new watch cost?

Now we have intrigued you and you cannot wait for the watch to be launched on the market to buy it. But how much will Apple Watch 4 cost?

There isn’t any information about the Apple Watch price, but it is possible to suppose it will have approximately the same price the Apple Watch 3 currently has. That is a starting price of around $329,00 for the smaller version (38 mm version): a starting price means that if you choose a larger version or a most expensive case or band, the price could be higher.

So, September is coming. We just have to wait to have more details and to see if the rumors about Apple Watch 4 will become reality.

Apple Watch 4: rumors, release date, price and specifications
Article Name
Apple Watch 4: rumors, release date, price and specifications
Apple watch 4: rumors and specifications. Release date, price and how it will be.
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