Genuine leather iPhone cases: the new collection by Meridio has finally arrived

genuine leather iphone cases

Last week we let you know in advance that soon Meridio would give you the ability to customize your iPhone. Well, that moment has arrived. Meridio has just launched its genuine leather iPhone cases on the market. It is the first time Meridio goes beyond the Apple Watch Band’s production and deals with a new product. Let’s get close, discovering all the Apple iPhone leather case features and all the available models of this new collection by Meridio

Genuine leather iPhone case: all the features disclosed

Meridio could do no other choice but to create its iPhone shells of leather: Premium leather, until this time been only used for Apple Watch bands, changes shape and becomes leather for handmade iPhone cases.
Available for iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and IPhone X, when you purchase a genuine Leather iPhone case by Meridio, you are sure to choose a product made with high-quality finishes, selected materials cobbled together with a great attention to details.
All Meridio’s leather iPhone cases are:

  • Projected to work with wireless chargers, so you have not to remove the phone from its case when you need to charge it.
  • Designed with a useful, practical and external pocket, you can use to hold your cards while you travel or get around.
  • Created to preserve your iPhone from accidental falls and shocks, because the leather is finely worked, soft to touch but with a rigid and resistant structure which protects the iPhone even by drops, never neglecting class and elegance.
  • Customizable, choosing the model you prefer and the monogram you like to read on your case, to add a touch of personality and charm.

Apple iPhone leather case: all the available models

We intrigued you and cannot wait to buy the leather case for iPhone?
Here are the models available to choose from:


It is an iPhone leather case in light brown with a darker pocket. The leather is soft and elegant and the color recalls the wood fragrance of barrels where Italian wine is kept to age in the countryside.


This iPhone leather glove has dark brown as predominant color and light brown for the hand-stitched pocket. Designed for a classy man, it is elegant and goes well with every outfit.


Burgundy is the intense and peculiar color of this iPhone shell which inspires to the color of Italian hills wine. The case is burgundy and the external pocket is dark burgundy. It has a strong character and is perfect for people with strong and determined behavior.

Carbon Core

Grey color with dark grey pocket distinguishes the look of this genuine leather iPhone case. A classic and timeless color which recalls the most intense coal in the pocket. It never goes out of style and is perfect with every elegant outfit.


Inspired from beyond the universe, this iPhone leather case luxury is dark blue with a black pocket. A very classy accessory to add style to every modern look, pleasant to be worn and made will the finest made in Italy materials.

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