The success and the rise of a company with a Made in Italy heart: an interview with Meridio’s co-founder

Meridio Band

Meridio Band represents the union between Made in Italy tradition and craftsmanship and the tech world. The birth of a successful brand that is the meeting of two very different realities is not easy and requires continuous work on materials, like genuine leather, and great attention to the innovations and trends. We interviewed the co-founder of Meridio, Giovanna Celeste, who revealed to us the secrets and the passion that lie behind the Italian brand.

Where did the idea of creating a brand linked to an ancient Made in Italy tradition come together with Apple, the most technological one for excellence?

The idea arises from the desire to combine tradition, in particular the historical one of the tanning sector of central Italy, to which we have always been linked in the course of our professional experiences, with today’s avant-garde.

Born as a single-product company, what made you decide to invest on the accessories related to tech beginning with the cover?

The fact that the beauty of the genuine leather used for the straps could and should also be used for other tech products, to give them even more class and elegance.

Meridio boasts among its uniqueness to have husband and wife as co-founders: how do you mix your skills? What are the characteristics of one and which of the other within the brand?

Certainly, in work as in marriage, it is important to carve out your own space in which to express yourself: within Meridio I am responsible for the stylistic choices, while my husband takes care of the IT and sales.

Meridio represents the made in Italy that speaks to apple addicted overseas: what are the 3 characteristics and the main features that drive customers to choose your product?

I believe that the quality of genuine leather, combined with a strong focus on trends – both typically Italian characteristics – contribute to giving Meridio a strong appeal to the rest of the world.

Meridio Band

You have always worked on improving your products and on the search for quality for made in Italy leather, what are the most beautiful and the most difficult aspects of treating this type of material?

The moment of the selection of the leather for the launch of a new model is certainly the most captivating: spending time with the craftsmen surrounded by the imposing smell of the leather makes the selection even more exciting. Of course there are difficulties, especially when, in the case of natural products, you need to find the right leather that does not discolor or easily damaged in contact with skin.

What kind of leather and outfit would you recommend to a man and which one to a woman?

For the man with a dandy look I would recommend a Clay Cassel that does not need color to express its strong personality. While for a woman with a rock soul Nappa Coral!

Meridio is an Italian startup that in a short time became known on the American, Dutch and German markets only thanks to the web and the digital strategy. What do you have for your followers in the future?

We will expand the range of tech products and we will update the strap proposals to keep up with the trends, without ever giving up the quality that characterizes us.

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