Feminine Apple Watch bands: follow your appeals by surfing the best Meridio collection

We think that the right leather band depends on something that goes deeper than a simple wristband. No matter if it is luxury, fashionable or sporty.
Take a glance at your new Apple Watch and you will see an accessory that matches with your frame of mind and with your feelings, wherever you are.
Our everyday maps can be full of things to do. Our nights could be intriguing. Whatever your lifestyle is, our women’s strap Apple Watch bands date back to the ancient Italian tradition mixed to the present and future into the product development faced to eco-friendly materials as Apple Skin and recycled ocean bound plastic in collaboration with #Tide


The first feminine wristwatch was probably created in 1810. It was a gift realized by the inventor Abraham-Louis Breguet for Caroline Murat (Princess Of Naples). Someone else believes that the first one dates back even to the second half of the 16th century during the legendary Empire of Elizabeth I. Those watches were an exception because at that time most of female watches were ring watches designed by the most famous artists of the period for wealthy aristocratic ladies.
It’s good to know that the invention of wristwatches were strictly bound to female fashion. It was an object worn exclusively by women, while gentlemen preferred the more stylish pocket watch.

Four good reasons to change your Apple Watch band

An intriguing meeting

Time has come. Finally a romantic invitation that requires a fashionable look and trendy accessories. You wear your Apple Watch and you need something special which fits it. You could take a look to our fashionable watch bands to wrap your wrist through the soft touch of a Meridio band.
Leather watch bands mix a unique elegance with a comfortable stay, like a caress on your skin.

For your classic elegant shoes Whitey Spotty calf hair Apple Watch band is the right mix for a successful dinner. The Bengal tiger model is the right choice to express a strong character for a woman who doesn’t agree to compromises.

Everyday life

Whether you go for a jogging or you are working in front of your pc your Apple Watch is on your wrist: useful, essential and above all so so trendy. A woman watch band can follow you along the day in a comfortable and sporty way. The best thing is to know what you want to convey through your stylish leather band.
The Forest black watch band keeps a vintage essence without giving up a sporty modern style.
For a business woman who looks for fashion and comfortable leather Watch Bands: Dark Secret. A leather watch band that conveys its refinement in a plain elegance.

A feminine Apple Watch band by Meridio
A feminine Apple Watch band by Meridio


Exciting Travel

Your cases are ready. Your ticket is in your hand and you are just starting your travel. I agree with you: it’s a good good day!
Take a glance to your Apple Watch band and… voilà: the Musk.
It’s a green nappa leather band and it’s so comfortable that probably you won’t notice it. We hope no, of course.
A vintage choice could match with your life style even in an exciting travel.
Colonial Red is an Apple Watch band for women who like nuances not only in their travels but at their wrist too.

What’s important is to be yourself

The accessories that we wear tell more than it appears. A leather watch band matched with the right dress and the right shoes can save a day and improve our mood. It doesn’t depend on looking pretty and amazing, but it depends on the love for what it’s beautiful.
Life is too short to choose bad things, so even a watch band become a way to express our personality and our way of living.
We can be elegant and refined with a rose galuchat leather watch band or sporty with a calf hair leather one.
Ostrich or python leather watch bands in everyday life? Why not.
We would like you playing with a contrasting melange of colours and leathers to satisfy your fantasies.

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