How to match your Apple Watch with your outfit through the right band

I know you are an Apple Watch user. And you consider every Apple Watches are the same. You are wrong, they don’t, because you can completely change their look with different bands. Probably you have never thought before, but the watch is a real completion of your outfit. So, have you ever considered how important it is to match your Apple Watch with your outfit?
Imagine this situation: you are attending a formal event where every people are wearing the right dress code with elegant ties and dresses. Suddenly, your attention is grabbed by a particular: a man, wearing a very elegant black dress, moves his wrist to check the time and a sporty watch with a rubber band comes out from his jacket’s sleeve. What a shame! You cannot help but think about how that detail is out of place for the situation you are in. So, now you can better understand the importance to know how to match your Apple Watch with your outfit choosing the right band.

How to match your Apple Watch with outfits: our tips

The first thing to consider is that men wear limited jewelry. The watch is for them a real expression of their personality. We talked about how important is to personalize your Apple Watch with the right band but the key is to choose not only the band which better expresses your personality and style but to choose the band according to the dress code or occasion you are going to wear it. It is obvious the Apple Watch band you will wear for a wedding day will be different from the strap you will wear to play tennis: every occasion requires its own dress code and its own band, as part of it. So, here you are some tips to match your Apple Watch band with your outfit, based on the occasion you are involved in.

#Choose a black or brown leather band for a formal event

Are you going to attend a business meeting, a wedding, a black tie event or a theater show? You will decide definitely to wear an elegant suit for this occasion. Choosing an elegant leather band with a simple finish for your Apple Watch is the right way to complete this kind of outfit. We suggest you opt for a soft genuine calf’s leather Forest Black Band, a full grain black leather Cassel strap or a genuine brown leather Cottage Chocolate band by Meridio. Don’t forget to choose the band color which better matches your dress, using, for example, a black band with a black or dark dress and a brown band with clothes ranging from brown to beige color. And to match your leather band to the other leather accessories in your outfit, like your belt or shoes.

#Choose a colored band for casual occasions

Are you planning to attend a happy hour with friends, a casual dinner at a restaurant or a backyard barbecue? The first rule is to pair your Apple Watch band with the main color of your outfit, choosing, for example, to wear a blue leather band while wearing jeans and white skirt or a yellow, brown or beige band if your clothes are in warm colors. The good news is that for a casual look you can really give space to your personality and tastes, both regarding colors, choosing between more daring or classic colors and about the materials or the manufacturing. If you want to hazard with something more daring, you can opt for instance for a yellow Tawny Full Grain Leather Band by Meridio or for the more particular manufacturing of a Galuchat or Reptilia leather band. If you want to dare eventually with the material, you can opt for an Alligator Leather White Swan Band.

#Choose a natural rubber band for sport activities

If your aim is to use your Apple Watch as a sport activity tracker, thanks to its many Apps relating to sport, a Cautchouc Band by Meridio is your best choice. This kind of strap is excellent for every sport you want to do. It is suitable for example if you want to take a ride or to play a tennis or soccer match because the natural rubber doesn’t absorb or retain moisture or sweat but you can wear this kind of band even if you want to swim, because it is 100% waterproof. And it does not mean that if you are looking for something practical and comfortable to do sport you must necessarily give up the style: in Meridio’s shop you can choose the rubber strap of the color you prefer.

How to match your Apple Watch with your outfit through the right band
Article Name
How to match your Apple Watch with your outfit through the right band
If you consider every Apple Watches the same you are wrong! Now you can better understand the importance to know how to match your Apple Watch with your outfit choosing the right band.
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