Valentine’s Day perfect presents FOR HIM & FOR HER

Valentines Day presents for men and women

Valentine’s Day at Last

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. What does that mean?!

No matter at what phase of the relationship you are with your beloved one, be it engaged for years, newly dating, married or occasionally seeing each other, choosing the right Valentine’s Day present has been and maybe always will be a little complicated. It will take some time and thought to decide on the perfect present for him or her and we are here to guide you towards some of the most interesting, thoughtful and above all practical choices to spice things up this Valentine’s Day.

What’s more important, this year do not end up by buying the first thing that comes up just because you could not make it to choose the perfect present on time. Get inspired by our selection of perfect Valentine’s Day presents FOR HIM & FOR HER.

For Her Valentine’s Day Perfect Presents

1. Instax Fujifilm

valentines day gifts for women ideas

This Valentine’s Day surprise your girl with a very nice and thoughtful present that she can carry with her always. The first memory to catch with the new camera could be the Valentine’s Day dinner together. Instax by Fujifilm is really easy to use and it offers a very good quality of the pictures. The small size of the camera allows you to carry it with you everywhere making sure not to miss out on capturing the great moments.

Price: 68,89 € 

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2. SI Passione Perfume by Giorgio Armani

valentines day gifts for women ideas

Diamonds… No, actually a great scent is a girl’s best friend. This Valentine’s Day we would suggest the magic of the Si Passione by Giorgio Armani. Speak to your girl through your choice. This sparkling, fruity floral scent with notes of rose and woody vanilla was created for women who are passionate, feminine and free. The striking red bottle matches perfectly this day in which love is celebrate. In Mr. Armani’s own words, Si Passione is “an irresistible combination of grace, strength and independence of spirit”.

Price: 99,90 € 

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3. Kilian Le Rouge Parfum Lipstick

valentines day gifts for women ideas

It might look like it is JUST a lipstick buuut it is not what it seems. Kilian Le Rouge Parfum lipsticks are fragranced with a blend of floral notes and what Killian calls “a specially-created harmony of marshmallow and orange blossom.” This lipstick makes the wearer feel very aware and empowered by the combination of mesmerizing colors and the great perfume. All the lipsticks provide intense color pay off in one stroke and they resist for up to 10 hours. Take your chance with the Heaven Rouge, or more than one.

Price: 55$

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4. Pandora Heart Necklace

valentines day gifts for women ideas

This Valentine’s Day celebrate love with a heart shaped necklace by Pandora. This Sterling Steel 925 necklace which can easily be adapted in different sizes thanks to the adjustable closure makes a very special present for a very special person. The necklace can easily be matched with different styles and can accompany your beloved one on every occasion. The steel represents the 11th anniversary so maybe this present could be your themed dedication for you beloved one this year.

Price: 79 € 

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5. Meridio Leather Bands or Combos

valentines day presente for women ideas

High-quality Italian made leather would make a perfect present for your girl especially when used to personalize her Apple Watch or iPhone. The Leather Apple Watch bands and other accessories by Meridio are very special, elegant and feminine. You can check on the combos created by Meridio or create your own on by taking advantage of the up to 30% discount dedicated to Valentine’s Day. Choose between the different colors and styles and don’t forget to add the monograms of your beloved one.

Price: 59 € Buy now

Price: 99 € Buy now

For Him Valentine’s Day Perfect Presents

1. Alexa Echo Show

valentines day gifts for men ideas

Among the most common choices, when it comes to the perfect Valentine’s Day presents FOR HIM, are the tech equipment. Alexa Echo Show would be perfect for the men that would like to keep track of their busy schedules. During this pandemic and continuous lockdown, it is perfect specially to keep up with family members and friends from distance. And if your beloved one loves music; Alexa will put on everything that he asks her to with one simple call. Tell him not to forget to check on the weather and the traffic before leaving the house.

Price: 84,99 €

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2. Acqua Di Parma Grooming Kit

valentines day gifts for men ideas

For the ones that really care about their looks and specially about the carefully grown beards, we have the right choice. Acqua di Parma Grooming Kit would be a really good choice for the occasion to also let your beloved one know how well you know them and their routines. It will be a double pleasure as you will also love to feel the fresh scents of the kit on your men. The kit is really practical for those who travel very often as well.

Price: 95 € 

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3. Gin Cocktails Kit

valentines day gifts for men ideas

Is your man a fan of gin?! We thought so. Besides, who doesn’t love gin?! This pandemic made it hard for us to be out there, attend parties and enjoy a good drink at the bar with friends and beloved ones. But this does not mean that you cannot bring the party at the house for your man. This Valentine’s Day surprise him with a DIY Gin Cocktails Kit that will both be interesting to practice and enjoy during the long weekends at home.

Price: 89,99 € 

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4. A Daniel Wellington Watch

valentines day gifts for men ideas

When it comes to choosing the right Valentine’s Day present for your boyfriend, husband or fiancé you can go wrong with many choices, but never with a watch. This Valentine’s Day consider surprising your man with the authentic style of the Daniel Wellington watches. The Classic Sheffield is really simple, elegant and can be easily matched with different styles from the most casual to the classiest ones.

Price: 169 € 

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5. Meridio Leather Bands or Combos

valentines day for men idea

Have you checked on the Valentine’s Day deals by Meridio FOR HIM?! Choose among the leather Apple Watch Bands, leather combos and other leather accessories in different colors and styles and add the monograms of your beloved one to further personalize the perfect Valentine’s Day present for your man. The high-quality Italian leather and the special designs make the perfect present for this special occasion.

Price: 64 € Buy now.

Price: 99 € Buy now. 

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