Everything announced at WWDC 19

Apple WWDC 19 it’s finally started: an entire week for all developers worldwide to learn more about the new software updates Apple will release this fall.

We have already shared with you some rumors about what we expected to see today in this article, and we are glad to tell you we were mostly right.

As you may know, we produce made in Italy accessories for Apple Watch in refined leather, so let’s start to know more about what we will see this fall on the Apple Watch!


WatchOS 6

WatchOS 6 will include new watch faces with different designs and more complication, adding a stand alone App Store to download and buy apps directly on Apple Watch, including apps like voice memos, audiobooks, calculator, podcast and many others.

Even with this version, Apple confirms that Apple Watch is not only a smartwatch, but mostly an health device, with many small software improvements that will make the most sold watch on Earth, more and more helpful.

We will see an interesting feature that will notify you when the environment you are surrounded by is too noisy, to take care of your hearing health. Furthermore, the Cycle app has been confirmed, giving to women a handy way to keep track of the menstrual cyle and their fertility windows on the Watch and iPhone too.

The great thing is that WatchOS 6 will be available even on Apple Watch Series 1 .

Of course if you are planning to personalize your Apple  Watch with the new watchfaces and apps, we also suggest you to take a look to our Meridio Bands, which are available in many collections!


iOS 13


The new update to iOS 12 will see improvements in terms of performance in every corner, starting from Face ID on the newest iPhones to the general speed in older devices. Speaking of older smartphones, Apple ensured that iOS 13 will be available also on iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and newer models; and honestly, we think it is great to know that a brand keeps 5/6 years old devices still updated to the latest version.

Moreover, a new service called Find My ,will be delivered, aiming to help you find your devices anywhere, thanks to a bluetooth low latency network consisting of iOS devices all over the world, that will share with you the location of the lost object, like Tile smart keychain does.

Hurray! we can finally welcome the so desired Dark Mode, that will make the entire OS a black palette, perfect to use during night time to reduce eyes-fatigue, or anytime if you are a dark-theme lover.

The keyboard has also been updated, adding a swiping feature that will let you write swiping your finger on the keys instead of tapping each of them to create a word, and if you have got the chance to use in the past Gboard or Swiftkey, you know is not something new, but nice to have if you want to text using a single hand.

Also other services like Maps, Reminders, Mail and Siri have been updated on iOS 13, but we have preferred mentioning the features we have enjoyed the most during the keynote.

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Apple has finally understood that iPad users need more than iOS to be productive, so with this new version of the OS, now called iPadOS, some new functions will be delivered this fall, like new cut and paste gestures, improved multitasking, split screen with more than 2 apps, and performance improvements even for Apple Pencil.

Nice updates for sure, but unfortunately we are still far from an hybrid OS between MacOS and iOS, but a step forward from iOS 12.




The new OS is going to be called macOS Catalina, and will offer to developers everything they need to switch the apps they have already made for iOS directly on MacOS, easily building a better App Store.

From this moment, even users with disabilities will be able to entirely use a Macbook via voice commands, thanks to this accessibility feature that will help people be able to do more via Voice Control.

A new nice feature of MacOS Catalina is Sidecar, that will give to Macbook and iPad users the chance to share the Mac display on iPad wirelessly or wired, to have more room for your projects or to make the most of the Apple Pencil in graphic projects. Again a function not new in the market if you have already installed Duet Display app, but nice to have built-in in the OS.

Starting from this new version of MacOS, Catalina, we will permanently say goodby to iTunes, now substituted with three apps: Podcast, TV and Music.

The brand new Catalina OS will also run on an incredible performing machine: Mac Pro.


Mac Pro


First things first: it’s tremendously expensive.
After years of silence, Apple shows a total new Mac Pro, that has (fortunately) nothing to do with the trash can Mac we saw in 2013. A desktop machine that screams performances and specs from each side. A new squared design for the tower ( that reminds a bit the aesthetics of the great Power Mac G5), and the display too.

We don’t want to bombard you with numbers and specs in this article, but this product is going to be highly appreciated by Professionals that seriously needs power, as this is at the moment the most powerful machine on the market in terms of graphics, performances and technology. Even the monitor ( that will obviously sold separately ) is on a high level: a 6K Retina display build for Pro users.



We have already talked widely about this service here, but the great news is that not only it will be available as an app on any smart tv, but also it is going to support the most loved gaming controllers on the market: Xbox One and PS4 controller, to fully enjoy the Arcade platform.

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