Apple Keynote 2018: finally all Apple news revealed for you

apple watch 4_ keynote2018

Apple Keynote 2018 was probably the event all Apple lovers were waiting for in the last month. Upon the stage of the Steve Jobs Theater, into the Apple Park in Cupertino, on September  12, Tim Cook has introduced the most important news from Apple. And Apple hit the mark again, we must give it credit.

Among all the news the CEO of Apple has announced, the Apple Watch Series 4 was the most awaited star. And the new model of the famous wearable did not disappoint expectation.

Apple Watch Series 4: all the specs

A few weeks ago, we disclosed you all rumors and specs we heard about Apple Watch 4.
Now we can say that the new Apple Watch has not only confirmed almost all the rumors but has also added something more.

Apple Watch Series 4 has probably some of the most significant changes since the first wearable has been launched. The shape and the size are similar to the previous version, even if the corners are a little rounded but there is an important difference: the display is larger than before, from 38mm or 42mm to 40mm and 44mm respectively, even if the total size of the wearable is the same.

Thanks to slimmer bezels, the screen now becomes wider, featuring space for up to 8 tailored complications: you can decide both to show your beloved ones’ pictures, to easily get them a call, or to display different time zones together or to launch fitness and health apps.

Other than the new screen, there is a new Digital Crown, with a haptic feedback which provides a click when you interact with the watch. Moreover, Apple Watch Series 4 has a larger battery than the previous models (it means an improved battery life) and a better speaker system, which is louder, able to reduce echo and ideal for taking phone calls.

New features for Apple Watch Series 4

Something very interesting about the new wearable launched in Cupertino is its new features, especially those concerning movement and heart frequency sensors.

As for movement detection, Apple Watch Series 4 has a new feature able to detect his owner’s movement and his possible fall. If the sensor detects a fall, the phone gives him the possibility to contact emergency number or it notifies emergency service directly if the owner doesn’t take any action within a minute.

As for heart frequency, the watch’s sensor succeeds in taking real-time ECGs (it is the first consumer product able to perform that): just put your finger on the digital crown and in 30 seconds it will detect your cardiac activity that can be saved on the iPhone, exported to PDF and shared with your doctor.

Apple Watch Series 4: different color options available

As for the previous versions, Apple provides for Series 4 a wide range of color options and materials. You can match the aluminum case with the Gold, Space Gray and Silver models. Moreover, the stainless steel is now available in a new gold finish.

How much does Apple Watch Series 4 cost? The price starts from $399 for the basic model and it increases according to the model you choose.

Got good news for you. When choosing your favorite Apple Watch, don’t worry and let your tastes guide you: Meridio Apples Watch straps you have will be completely compatible with every model you choose. This means that you can continue to customize the watch with the straps you already own, or you can take the opportunity to renew your collection with new models from the wide Meridio band’s collection.

Are you asking about the Apple Watch 4 release date?
You can already pre-order it online or you have to wait September 21 to purchase it into the store.

Keynote 2018: not just Apple Watches but also iPhones

In addition to Apple Watches, Tim Cook at Keynote 2018 unveiled also new models of iPhone: Phone XS, Phone XS Max, and iPhone XR. While iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are similar but with different sizes, the iPhone XR is a cheaper model, with a few compromises.

Here are some highlights of iPhone XSand iPhone XS Max new features:

  • Improved OLED screen for better images and colors, a more durable glass, a more powerful processor and a longer battery life;
  • A better sound system and sound definition;
  • An enhanced internal processor, aiming to reduce the circulation of user data to better protect their privacy and useful to start augmented reality functions.

Only a small preview for you who are one of Meridio’s fans: soon you will be able to customize your new iPhones with dedicated covers. Of course, by Meridio.

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