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It is a lasting, light, elastic and soft to touch type of leather for Apple Watch bands. A practical but fine material, which as time goes by develops a nice patina for an irresistible antique effect,


With its textured surface, the Suede collection seeks to bring something extra not only to the eye but also to the touch: a long lasting softness. The peculiarity of its finish makes this strap very versatile, suitable either for men and women


Unique treatment and style with little details that make a difference. With delicate nuances on deep colors, the Vintage leather Apple Watch straps collection draws its inspiration from the ancient style of our tanning tradition: for very Italian Apple Watch.


This genuine leather takes up to 3 months to be worked with a natural process and vegetable finiture in order to get to your Apple watch band a strong vintage effect


Whatever it materializes as,, the real python usage has a trending role in couture. The exotic leather for python Apple watch straps has been elected as luxury and elegancy synonymous.


From the armor of the formidable reptiles as Alligator and Crocodile, to be with you in your daily life with a charming style. A high-quality material for resolute strong and ambitious personalities. Crocodile leather Apple watch straps: for those who desire an elegant precious refined but even resistant and lasting leather


Time does not fly for the small-spotted catshark skin.It is incredibly luxurious and very resistant, one of the most precious on the market. The delicate treatment made by our artisans gives your Apple watch band a fantastic shiny and pearly effect


Soft to touch and nice to caress, Cavallino leather is eccentric and original; it provides to your Apple watch strap an exclusive look with a retro feel


Particularly exclusive and refined, farm-raised ostrich skin is a must-have if you desire a unique Apple watch band. It is shiny and soft to the touch, malleable and flexible: perfect if you are looking for an elegant and precious unicum


Great accuracy in leather selection, meticulous design, and care for every detail are the characteristics of Meridio accessories: unique and original just like you…

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