iPhone 7 in 2019: is it worth it?

iPhone 7

iPhone 7

iPhone 7 is one of the smartphones that after few years can still be an interesting device to buy and use, even if it’s not the last flagship from Apple.

Why? We are going to explain you everything in this article.

iPhone 7 has been launched in fall 2016, and it offered at that time one of the best cameras in the market, with the best dimensions to be used even with one hand, while today every phone producer focuses on phablets.

During these first 2019 months we have used again on a daily base iPhone 7, and we have been surprised by its reactivity in every task, consisting primarily in email, social media and calls. Also, even if this is not a new iPhone, it is still possible to find in the market many different accessories and cases for it, which is an appreciated point to change every in a while the aesthetic of the device.

iPhone 7

iPhone 7 camera

The most positive aspect of iPhone 7 in our opinion is still the camera, that in some points wins versus newer phones, thanks to its dynamic range and great performances. Of course it can’t compete with 2019 flagships from Apple or Samsung, but considering the actual price, it can win hands down versus other smartphone in its price range.

Unfortunately, as every devices, iPhone 7 loses its quality the more it gets darker.


Another fascinating quality of iPhone 7 is the video recording side, with one of the best Optical Image Stabilization on the market still today. Many smartphones have been launched after this one, even this year, and many of them don’t offer OIS but only a digital one, which doesn’t offer great results.

For this reason, if you are into amateur video making process, we highly suggest iPhone 7, for Vlogs, social video etc.

The down side is still the small sensor, that in low light situation shows clips and photos with noise.

iPhone 7

Missing points

The missing points of iPhone 7 compared to new iPhones is in our opinion the lack of Wireless Charging and a better camera, like the one implemented in iPhone X or iPhone XS, but the price difference makes it worth it.

It is also truth that the new Apple devices have under the hood a faster chip, but for a normal use, iPhone 7 is still a valid solution yet cheaper than the new smartphones.

The only aspect that bother us has been the battery, which hasn’t been able to bring us to 8 PM during a normal daily routine. Our suggestion is to buy also a power bank and you’ll be safe .

If you are new here, take a look to our store, where we produce made in Italy accessories for iPhone and Apple Watch in leather . We are sure you will enjoy them!

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