Summer 2020: 12 colour trends for your Apple watch

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2020 has already been the year of surprises and unexpected turn of events. As COVID-19 has taken over this summer in a lot of ways, it cannot conquer the brightness of the summer colours and trends.  

Us at Meridio are particularly enthusiasts about the Summer 2020 colours as we have elaborated our line of Apple watch compatible bands which we have got to say, are exactly what you need to add a little spark to your summer style.   

This piece will be dedicated to the selection by Pantone Colour Institute for S/S 20 which has been described as quotes “friendly and relatable”. This year’s colour palette “infuses heritage and tradition with a colorful youthful update” as Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the institute explains.  

Right at the core of our brand values stand the self-expression and versatility and this is how Meridio was born, providing accessories to allow everyone be themselves while always adding some extra details to the style. Our inspiration as well derives from the amazing blend between tradition and modern, another important detail that we share in common with this year’s colour selection by Pantone Colour Institute.  

From the Flame Scarlet in confidence and determination, the Biscay Green inspired by the Spanish bay, the emblematic soft shade of Coral Pink to the most courageous ones like the Cinnamon Stick for the bold and the Grape Compote to bring the party with you always.  

2020 Colour Palette

Flame Scarlet  

If you want your style to shout out confidence and determination just go for the flame scarlet. You can barely go wrong with a red shade as the sensuality and the boldness of this colour speak for themselves. 

Our Meridio suggestion within the colour range.


Pointing more on the golden side rather than mustard, this particular shade of yellow is incredibly attractive during the summertime. Playful, yet elegant, this colour is easy to blend with your summer style.   

Our Meridio suggestion within the colour range.

Shades of blue  

Ranging from the classic blue to the faded denim and the mosaic blue, this colour remains a primary choice, sartorial versatile. The three shades are this summer’s most prominent choices that besides from being elegant always offer comfort and ease.   

Our Meridio suggestion within the colour range:  

Suggestion 1. 

Suggestion 2. 

Suggestion 3.

Biscay Green 

This minty green hue, named by the Spanish bay, is the absolute trend of S/S 20. Can we love it more than we actually do? 

Our Meridio suggestion within the colour range.


This special colour stands for healthy and restorative harmony and this is why we are particularly proud to have it part of our collection. This dark green shade is easy to match with different other colours and different sleek and polished looks. It is simply described as “utilitarian”. So should be your choice for the Apple watch compatible band.  

Our Meridio suggestion within the colour range.

Orange Peel  

Once the orange used to be one of the most favorite colours of the millennials, while now it is strongly promoted as part of the S/S 20 colour palette. It is indeed tangy and very bold while combined with turquoise. Fortunately, we have the right Meridio shade within the colour range for you.  

Our Meridio suggestions within the colour range:

Suggestion 1.

Suggestion 2.

Other colours   

This summer the happiness is found through the Sunlight shade of pale yellow, while joy through the Coral Pink, one of the most promising shades of summer 2020, quite akin to the millennial pink. But if being bold is what you are looking for, trade your serenity for Cinnamon Stick and Grape Compote.  

While we don’t offer these shades for Apple watch compatible bands at Meridio, we are sure that other colours we are currently offering might come handy for specific combinations.  

Colour combinations suggestions:   

1. Sunlight

2. Pink Coral


3. Cinnamon Stick

4. Grape Compote 

Meridio’s Offer

This summer has to be really special and for this reason Meridio offers 50% discount on all the Apple watch compatible bands starting from July 22nd. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to live the summer in style with our colorful choices or to make the perfect present for the tech-enthusiasts.  

Save the date!  

Summer 2020: 12 colour trends for your Apple watch
Article Name
Summer 2020: 12 colour trends for your Apple watch
From the Flame Scarlet and the Biscay Green inspired by the Spanish bay to the most courageous ones like the Cinnamon Stick for the bold and the Grape Compote the Spring Summer 2020 colour palette as selected by Pantone Colour Institute is nothing but a journey to explore. Find out our Meridio choices to complete your summer looks. Now, 50% off on all summer choices.
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