Apple watch OS5: new features from health to training and music on your wrist

Apple watchOS 5

Great news for the Apple Watch lovers: at WWDC 2018, Apple released the second beta version of Apple WatchOS 5 for developers and announced all the new features we may expect for this software, which will be released on the market this fall.
Let’s go to discover what these features are and how this time, as it happens with every update, Apple Watch will become a little more independent from iPhone and a little more useful and necessary.

Apple Watch OS 5 release date

As every year, at the beginning of June, the Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) took place. Web developers from all over the world met at WWDC in San Jose, California, on June 4-8. Among all the next- generation software, Apple announced Apple watchOS 5.
It is a free update with will follow watch OS4 and will be available for users this fall, most likely in September.

Apple watchOS 5 compatibility

Do you own an original Apple Watch? Unfortunately, you won’t be able to download Apple watchOS5 update, when it will be released in Autumn.
For the first time, Apple hasn’t made its update available to all generation of device. Apple watchOS 5 will require a Series 1,2 or 3 device and won’t support first gen Apple watches. You will also need an iPhone 5S or later, supporting iOS 12 software.
Here you go all the major watchOS 5 new features we will get with this update.

Apple Watch OS 5 new features

From health to music, to Walkie-Talkie, Apple WatchOS 5 announces to revolutionize our approach to the Apple watch world: if, at the very beginning, the Apple Watch was just a little more than a remote control accessory for the iPhone, now, it even more independent from it.

WatchOS 5 fitness and health

What do you think if your Apple Watch motivates you to get active? The new upgrade to the Activity App on Apple Watch goes in this direction.
First of all, the device will detect your workout, even if you forget to launch the App when you start your activity. Moreover, the watch will buzz to ask you if you meant to start the workout and will stop to detect if it senses your heart rate changed, realizing you have probably stopped to move, in case you forgot to make it turn off.
Probably the most motivating feature about your fitness activity is actually the possibility to compete with other people: you may start a week activity competition through your app with another Apple Watch user. You two will compete against each other to earn points during a week-long period. The app will send you notifications to remember to get ahead of your competition.

WatchOS 5 Walkie-Talkie

The new Walkie-Talkie feature will allow you to speak easily with another person wearing an Apple Watch. You may set up your favorite contacts and you can send them a real-time voice message any time you two will wear your watches. Your contact’s watch will ping and your friend will be able to play your message as a traditional walkie-talkie.
This app will run on both Wi-Fi and mobile Internet, so that even non-cellular watches may use it. This feature is very important when you are looking for a quick answer to your doubts (e.g. when you are at the supermarket and you want to ask your wife which type of meat to buy): the other person cannot be near his phone but it will wear his watch for sure.

Siri watch face upgrade

The new software will include also a few upgrades for Siri watch face. It will show more shortcuts throughout the day, which integrate with apps. These shortcuts could be notifications about your next flight or your heart rate after your workout.
You may speak directly to Siri, simply raising your watch, without activating it saying “Hey Siri”.

Podcast and Music on your Apple Watch

You will have the app Podcast at your disposal: you can stream Podcasts directly to your watch through Siri or you may download them. You may also synchronize your favorite music and audiobooks and save offline playlists to the Apple Watch to listen when you are offline.
Moreover, music and podcast apps will play their audio in the background, while you are using another app. So you will able to read a message on your wrist while you are listening to the music.

Apple watch brand to customize your style with elegance

In this article, I showed you what we have to expect in fall from the launching of the Apple WatchOS 5 and why this accessory is destined to become one of the most useful “partners” in our life.
What you don’t know, however, is that besides its practicality and usefulness, the Apple watch could become an extremely elegant accessory.
You can actually personalize your watch face, matching it with a very elegant Apple Watch band. In Meridio Band’s shop online, you can choose from a wide selection of Apple Watch bands: python leather, ostrich leather and “galuchat” leather are just some fashion materials you can choose to personalize your Apple Watch band and make it a unique icon of elegance and style.

Article Name
Apple watch OS5: new features from health to training and music on your wrist
At WWDC 2018 Apple released the second beta version of Apple WatchOS 5 and announced all the new features: here they are!
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