Expert artisans to combine tradition and future

From choosing the leather to arrange the delivery, we look for excellence as a peculiar sign of a product able to transform the future. Meridio bands come with the technological evolution and give everybody the chance to stand out.

Great quality leather for expert artisans

We meticulously choose the leather, by selecting the best materials both in terms of quality and in compliance with international laws.

Then we deliver this fine material to the skilled hands of an ancient tannery of Italy able to transform this leather into fine bands. Strong and delicate at once, they will be the quintessence of the Italian leather tanning process tradition.

A contemporary design, inheritor of a great tradition.

The design of each strap is conceived paying attention to the smallest details, in order to respond to 3 essential requirements:

Uniqueness Meridio wants to give personality and style to the Apple Watch, an astonishing but standardized in use object. Leather of greatest quality and hand-crafted processes of each single piece will give to your band a unique and classy look

Modern style Italian fashion and style are masters of mixing tradition and avant-garde: Meridio is a band deeply rooted in history able to be incredibly contemporary.

Practicality Watches – smartwatches too – are worn every single day, all day long. Its bands must be comfortable and pleasant to wear as well as easy to fix.

Important Leather Care Information

This product is special and delicate, therefore it requires particular care and attention. In order to preserve the original look and feel of the product, we recommend that you observe our tips to clean and take care of leather.

You, the center of our thoughts

Our aim is to deliver the excellence of Italian handcraft. Meridio bands can be only purchased online and are delivered worldwide. We have carried out an easy and straightforward purchasing procedure for each customer.

When purchasing online, you can customize your own strap by engraving your initials or a design with the style you like the most. Furthermore, we are at your complete disposal for any other request concerning customization and manufacturing processes

Contact us and we will design together your Made in Italy leather strap.



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