The alchemy of Italian heritage

The style of Italian craftsmanship combined with groundbreaking technology in order to provide your Apple Watch with a band that lends it your taste and personality. Meridio was created to avoid the standardization inherent in a technological article with a luxury, contemporary accessory. To combine the smartwatch practicality with the quality of Italian leather manufacturing.

The people who created and manage Meridio, have ten years’ experience and knowledge in the field of fashion and luxury accessories. They draw from their creativity and ability to intercept the latest trends, selecting the best suppliers of raw materials to create unique bands, with the style that has always distinguished Italy.

Quality is the leitmotif of our entrepreneurial philosophy

  • Quality of the materials we choose: only leather of highest quality of the finish, complying with international laws.
  • Quality of the design: a unisex design, suitable for modern expectations and the practicality of a technological watch.
  • Quality of manufacture: all Meridio bands are created by hand in Italy by an ancient tannery in the Marche.
  • Quality of the service to the customer: our e-commerce is designed to make user experience, in any part of the world, simple and immediate.


Meridio, where the strong character of Italian hi-tech: a combination that gives rise to a modern and contemporary luxury accessory,, tailored-made (tailor-made), by us for you.



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