Compatible x Apple watch series 8,Ultra

Did you know….

– 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse gases are released annually by apparel manufacturing.

– 1% of clothes ONLY are recycled into new ones

– By 2024 France will turn Paris into the sustainable fashion capital of the world.

At Meridio we have already taken our first step towards a 100% circular product with our new collection of Apple Watch bands made from 100% recycled apple skin.

By providing this eco-friendly solution that aims to lower the environmental repercussions and substitute other raw materials of chemical origin through saving energy and lowering emissions in the entire production chain, at Meridio we are choosing the environment.

The Apple Skin Collection provides a great soft to touch, yet firm texture that could easily be mistaken for leather.

What types of vegan materials exist?
More and more vegan materials are coming out these years, the most common ones include pineapple, bamboo, orange peels, apple skin, cactus, banana, coconut, fungi and cork.
For what products is vegan leather used?
We can see the vegan materials are used as cactus leather, bamboo silk, vegan wool, biodegradable vegan leather and plant-based fur…etc
In the fashion, beauty and retail industry, we can find animal-free products are used 69% in beauty products, footwear has also increased the vegan product by 27%, while accessories by 56%.
Why we choose apple?
The first vegan collection Meridio has chosen is made by apple skin, why? As a 100% Made in Italy brand, we cherish our heritage and the spirit of Italian craftmanship at the same time we also embrace innovation and the alternative choice of being more responsible to the environment. This time we work with an Italian factory, which is based in Northern Italy, a region that is famous for its apples. This region in Italy is known to produce apples as well as the apples’ waste. Using apple residues to produce animal-free accessories and clothes, replacing the conventional fashion standard of high-quality leather. This full Italian collaboration not only represent the traditional industries working together, leather manufacture and agriculture, but also give an outlook of a more sustainable and creative future.
What is the next step for Meridio to take?
Before launching Apple Skin collection, Meridio has also collaborated with #tide for recycled plastic materials. To step forward and become a brand with 100% circular products, we are slowly adapting different kinds of materials and stay the high-quality leather for you. Our next upcoming collection will be made by recycled cotton, don’t forget to subscribe our Newsletter and stay tuned!
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