Apple Watch 2017: series 3 rumours, release, date and new features

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If James Bond had lost his watch on the way, he would have been happy to pick up the new Apple Watch instead of its own.

Throughout the web, well designed Patents are shown to excite our fantasies.
Integrated camera. Multi-functions bands. Rectangular or round face.
A new recharge system that doesn’t matter how your new Apple Watch is place on the induction base.
An improved display able to guarantee a most exciting visual experience.
These are only a few features about Apple Watch 3.
Let’s start to see in details some of the most intriguing news about Apple new watch in 2017.

What does the new Apple Watch look like?

To begin with, a lighter screen and a thinner case.
The Micro-LED displays could be the real outstanding scope for the Apple Watch 3. Compared with the OLED panels, they offer a higher resolution, they are brighter and last but not least they don’t require back-lightning.
Rectangular face of course but… a round faced version release could not be a so outlandish idea.
A patent for a circular shape actually exists and the company has thought over these things. Just a trick? Maybe, but the debate is still open and Apple knows that the more you speak of it the best it is.

What can new Apple watch do?

The great expectation could come true: a wearable device that is not reliant on your iPhone. Apple Watch 3 will be a stand-alone smart watch with independent access to mobile data thanks to its own SIM card. Calling, texting without connecting with a phone will be probably the next step for the new Apple Watch Generation.
Another exciting possibility upon which rumours are stronger is the integration of a camera in the new Apple Watches. Opinions differ: FaceTime, selfies or both? Nothing sure about the effective functions of the camera but such an idea sounds incredibly intriguing.


He wanted to reduce the gap between a person and his healthcare providers.
That’s the idea upon which the Apple Watch was born.
The original Apple watch came to market years after Steve Jobs’ death but his purpose was the engine that put ahead the company to build such a device. That’s why Apple is so engaged in health sensors for its Apple Watches. The aim is to check its customers’ health to improve their life.
Apple watch 3 will be not a medical device (approved by FDA) but it will certainly have more functions to make its customers healthier.

When is new Apple Watch 3 available?

A few rumours suggest the second half of 2017. For those who are in a hurry it’s a good, good news.
If we look back at the previous releases, things could be different.
There was a 17-month gap between the original Apple Watch and Apple Watch 2. It probably is a bracket that the Apple Watch addicted don’t like too much, but that’s the truth.
In addition, the more we wait for the release the more we can be sure that the new Apple Watch will be an outstanding upgrade and not only a yearly-refreshed device.
That’s why we’ll be waiting until April 2018 to touch our Apple Watch 3.

How much will Apple Watch cost?

So far there are not any price rumours about the new Apple Watch.
We can gamble on the same cost as the Apple Watch 2 even if the prices went up between the first and second generations.
In addition there is the possibility of two different prices for the last Apple Watch. A more expensive version with cellular/mobile capabilities together with a cheaper device with less functions.

Some ideas for your new Apple Watch in 2017

Whether you are a sporty Apple watch user or a smart Apple addicted your thirst will be satisfied by a variety of different accessories.
You can choose among elegant or vintage Apple Watch bands and the most high-tech materials, for example.
If you are abroad iTranslate could be the right application for you. Just a touch on your Apple Watch screen to catch the local language.
For those who are hard workers, Lifesum is the ideal friend that reminds you to take a break, monitoring your energy status.

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