Men outfit: how to choose your perfect combo between case & Apple Watch band

men outfit

What do I wear? Probably you heard this question many times. Or you are a person who cares about his outfit and who wastes some time before to go out to choose the clothes which better fit to the occasion you have to take part. And that’s not all. Once you chose your outfit, another point concerns the best accessories to wear. So, how to combine the right accessories with your outfit?

In this article I will try to give you some tips to combine two specific accessories with your outfit: I would like to suggest you how to choose your perfect combo between case & Apple Watch band, according to the outfit you are wearing.

Case & Apple Watch band: how to choose your perfect combo according to men outfit

Choosing the right accessories in your outfit is very important for your style and for the image you want to give out. As it is not suitable for instance to wear your sneakers with a classic suit if you have to attend a formal event, in the same way, you cannot wear a sporty Apple Watch band with elegant clothes. And what about checking your phone kicking out of your pocket an iPhone leather case which combines perfectly with your Apple Watch Band? Everyone will be surprised by your elegance and your attention to detail.

So, if you are a man, here you are some ideas to choose your perfect combo between case and Apple Watch band.

Carbon Core + Cassel: the perfect combo between case and Apple Watch band for a formal event

Are you a man having to attend a formal event, as a company dinner or a gala and you are looking for the best combo between case and Apple Watch band? Nothing easier: you can definitely opt for a Carbon Core + Cassel combo by Meridio.

The black coal of the southern volcanic lands of Italy is the color which inspires this leather combo between the Cassel Apple Watch band and the Carbon Core iPhone Case. An essential and elegant leather band in an intense and strong black color combines with a premium leather iPhone case with hand-finished cotton. Everything 100% made in Italy with the finest materials.

Barrel + Tawny: the perfect combo with case and Apple Watch band for a casual outfit

What about creating a casual outfit to attend informal events? If your aim is to attend an informal event but you are a man who cares about his outfit in every situation, probably you are asking what are the best accessories for you to complete your clothing. Without any doubts, you can choose a Barrel + Tawny combo by Meridio.

Light brown as the shade of the lands in the Italian vineyards is the color of this leather combo between the Tawny Apple Watch band and the Barrel IPhone Case. Chic and elegant with a white shirt, the Tawny band will add a plus to your look even when you wear jeans. And everything would look better if you match all with a soft, light brown leader Barrel iPhone Case.

Cigar + Old Brown: the ideal combo for the businessman

Have you got an imminent business meeting and you don’t know what to wear? I’m sure your better accessory choice is the leather combo combining an Old Brown Apple Watch band with a Cigar Case iPhone by Meridio.
This combo inspired to a vintage style is the ideal if you want to appear elegant and classy. The brown tones of this combo will add a sophisticated appeal to your outfit and will allow you to make a good impression in every circumstance.

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