Milestones and new challenges of a year with Meridio

Meridio Band

There are just a few days left of this year. It is the time of evaluations. It is time to stop for a moment to rest and look at what has been done and what is still to do in Meridio. Because even if at Meridio this has been a year of milestones, changes, and satisfaction, the company is not going to stop. But it can’t wait to live and face the challenges the next year will bring with it. So, how was this year for Meridio? We would like to stop for a moment and to analyze with you all the news the company has introduced and the products it has created to keep up with technology and with a constantly changing market. Let’s see together, then, what happened this year in Meridio.

Meridio: Italian Tradition always joins the cutting edge of innovation

The ability to put together the Italian craftsmanship style and the best of technology has always been the key to Meridio’s success. Meridio was born actually with the mission to go against the homogenization brought by technology with a contemporary luxury accessory. So Meridio proposed on the market its Apple Watch leather bands: they combine the convenience of a smartwatch to the quality of Italian leather and manufacturing. And that’s not all. Meridio keeps up constantly to technological innovation. Creating, for example, in 2018 leather straps sized to fit perfectly the Apple Watch Series 3 but even the very recent Apple Watch Series 4. And launching on the market new products which try to meet market demands with great accuracy. Let’s take a closer look then at the new products the company has launched in 2018 and let’s take a glimpse to the news Meridio is planning for the future.

Meridio Band

1# Caoutchouc band Collection for Apple Watch

This is the first innovation Meridio launched in 2018. Producing not only leather bands for Apple Watch but natural rubber bands, too. The new Caoutchouc band Collection was launched in Summer and was planned to meet the needs of a sporting target while maintaining a fashionable and elegant style. Apple Watch Natural rubber bands are colorful and smooth, and they are comfortable to be worn in every situation. They are made in genuine natural rubber, covered in polyester on the top, and they are 100% waterproof. This feature gives them the opportunity to be an essential accessory in sports because this kind of bands are non-porous and don’t retain moisture or perspiration.

2# Genuine leather iPhone case Collection

Last October, another innovation marked out Meridio’s production. Genuine leather iPhone cases were launched on the market. In this way, the Italian company went beyond the smartwatch Band’s production to deal with a new product. Meridio iPhone shells are classy accessories, made in soft-to-touch premium leather, according to the company’s tradition. They have high-quality finishes and are cobbled with a resistant structure which preserves the iPhone from accidental falls or drops which may fall above the mobile. And that’s not all. Meridio created leather iPhone case whose colors match perfectly the smartwatch leather bands the company produces. This is why this year Meridio suggested its customers interesting Christmas gift ideas, proposing its combos: combined purchases of the two products at very attractive prices.

What are Meridio challenges for 2019?

What does the company’s future hold? As for the next year, we still have no certainty. We are sure that the process to diversify its production has started in 2018 and will not stop tomorrow or the next year. Meridio’s artisans are already at work to design Leather Cases for AirPods, Notebooks and, Macs. But many other innovations may be introduced in the near future. All we have to do is to wait and stay tuned to in 2019, too!

Milestones and new challenges of a year with Meridio
Article Name
Milestones and new challenges of a year with Meridio
It is the time of evaluations. It is time to stop for a moment to rest and look at what has been done and what is still to do in Meridio. Let's see together
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