Summer 2018: 4 must have fashion accessories for HER

It’s the time of the year when the change of wardrobe is no longer a choice: summer is coming and it’s impossible to resist the temptation to renew our outfits to follow fashion and new proposals.

Fashion week presented trends and gave us advices, now it’s up to us choose our favourite outfit and how to pimp it.
First of all let’s spend few words about the main trend: leather and natural nuances.
Mix a leather accessory with a total white outfit choosing an apple watch band (take a look at the new collection) or an ancient Greece inspired flat sandal.

Here is our mini guide not to miss a shot in choosing the right accessories for summer 2018.


The oriental cap returns to fashion. An icon of style in the 40s with Greta Garbo and in the 60s with Twiggy. Turban is perfect to wear on the beach or in the city. It’s comfortable and practical collects and protects hair with class.
Over the years many divas have used it as an icon of elegance. The Historical boutique BIBA has proposed them with caftan or maxi shirt. Here a turban’s selection perfect to wear in summer.



Don’t forget to wear a Tech watch with leather band. It’s the coolest choice mainly in maxi matt colors. The maximum expression of this concept is wearing one of the new apple watch band in leather from the Nappa collection by Meridio.
For looks keeping up with fashion runways, these bands are ideal in every occasion, from the casual jeans and a t-shirt to a total white summer party. Meridio has just launched 3 new summer colors in this collection:

Off White




It happens rarely but sometimes we are lucky: this summer fashion meets comforts. The baby carrier is back! Choose the Balenciaga one to be super cool.
For those who are not yet ready to wear the 80s, the waistbag is the pure alternative. Valentino offers a multitrack bag to wear as a backpack.



Thongs, open – toe, multistage sandals… only one thing matters: they have to be flat and in leather.
Flat sandals in leather are perfect in every occasion. Choose them with a boho -hippie dress for your casual outfit during the day and match them with long dress “goodness effect” for your friday summer nights.
If you don’t want to give up being cool during your business time, pick out a straight jeans and a white shirt in cotton match them with a flat sandal open-toe and at your wirst wear a camouflage apple watch band, one of the Suede collection proposal available in blu or in green nuance.

Summer 2018: 4 must have fashion accessories for HER
Article Name
Summer 2018: 4 must have fashion accessories for HER
From turban to leather apple watch band, let inspired by our mini guide of the 4 must have fashion accessories for HER for summer 2018
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