How to wrap your Headphones in 10 fashionable ways

10 ways to wrap earphones

Today we are going to show you how to wrap ear buds in ten easy and cool ways. You can buy fashionable gadgets to fold your headphones without tangling, or you can do it by yourself.

1. Two fingers wrapping

The first way is usually the simplest one. Hold the ear buds in your hand. Put your fingers in the “rock ‘n’ roll position”, using your index finger and little finger as guides. Wrap the headphones around your pinkie and your index finger. Clutch the middle and take your fingers out. Wrap the cord left around the middle. Done!

2. Cork DIY wrapping

Take a champagne cork. Make a hole in the center at the top and a wide cut at the bottom. Place the plug in the hole. Wrap the wire around the cork. Block the ear buds in the cut.

3. Leather headphone holders

This is a stylish solution to roll up your ear buds without tangling. A hand-made Italian leather earphone holder. It is a simple but elegant stripe of leather with a button on it.
An original solution is to coordinate it with your nappa, cavallino, galuchat or python Apple Watch band.

A stylish way to wrap your headphone
A stylish way to wrap your earphone

4. Macramé DIY wrapping

Here’s the reggae way to roll up your ear buds without tangling. Wrap them up in colored embroidery floss: not only they will look more lovely and easily identifiable, but the floss will also help keep them from tangling up.
Start at the plug end of your earphones. Wrap the cord as close as you can to the plug. Wrap the floss around neatly like a coil, covering the cord as you go. Make sure you are overlapping the beginning tail of the floss, trapping it under the coil as you wrap. If you want you can change the floss with different colors.
When you reach the fork in your earphones, wrap as closely as you can to the end of the cord. Knot the floss a couple of times, securing it to the cord, then add a small drop of fabric craft glue.

5. Silicone wristband

Budwrap is a silicone bracelet that can hold your earbud wires around your wrist. You can wear it as a wristband or around your iPhone. The Budwrap is just as functional on it’s own: wrap your wires on the Budwrap and throw it in your bag or stuff it in your pocket. No more tangled mess!

Of course if you don’t have a wristband, you can simply wrap your earphones around your wrist and make a soft knot to block the ends.

6. Plastic cord organizers

There are many cheap plastic or silicon cord organizers on the market, in a great number of colors and funny shapes. A boundless zoo with owls, elephants, cats, bones, whiskers, puppets, as well as geometric shapes and all types of aliens and monsters.

7. Wooden headphone cable winders

If you prefer something more stylish, choose a wooden headphone cable winder.
You could go for a small yoyo-shaped one that will fit easily in your pockets and bags, or for an elegant tablet-like one.

8. Credit card bobbin

If you want to show the world you don’t care about money, take a credit card and cut its edges to give it a bobbin profile shape. Make three cuts at two opposite edges to keep the buds and the plug in place.

9. Binder clip VS clothespin

Not the best elegant-looking solution at all, but it is a quick one if you are at home or at the office.
Take a binder clip, slap on it near the earpiece end and begin wrapping the cord around the two metal arms. You can use it as a cable shortener and even fix it on to your bag.

Where are my clothespins?
Wrap the cord around the pin, and drape the ear buds through the pincher end.
Now you where they are.

10. Sewing crafts

For those who like sewing, knitting or crocheting, on Pinterest you will find a lot of projects that you can make by hand to fold your headphones without tangling.
The easiest? A woolen round cloth closed by a button in a “taco” shape.
A little more difficult? A small purse or coin case closed by a zipper to carry your earphones in your bag or pocket. Put a ribbon on it to attach the purse to the bag using a key ring.
No bounds for your creativity. Denim or lace or embroidery. You could even sew each side of a zipper to keep the wires of your ear buds separate, or hold them together without tangling.

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