How to listen to music on Apple Watch?

liste to music on apple watch

Maybe you are running or you are working out and you want to listen to your favorite playlist just on your Apple Watch. How can I do that? That’s the question we are going to answer to offer you the best tips to use your Apple Watch Series 3 to listen to music.

Practically Apple Watch gives you two options to enjoy your favorite playlists:

#1 Option : You can use your iPhone as a controller to open Apple Watch app then add your playlist to your wearable device.

#2 Option : That’s our favorite option! Listen to music straight at your wrist thanks to Apple Watch Bluetooth headphones.

The last one is the best option to play music without worrying about your iPhone. It’s a lifestyle improvement that can simplify your life and give more opportunities to listen to music everywhere you are.

Sync music to Apple Watch: the easiest way

As we said you can listen to music straight on your Apple Watch without using iPhone. There are some easy steps to follow and finally you will enjoy your music running and working out.

First to know your Apple Watch can’t stream music over the Internet like your iPhone so that you have to sink and download it before. It’s an easy step that allows you to listen to music on Apple Watch wherever you are.

The best way is to create a playlist called Apple Watch on your iPhone and you can easily find it when you want to sync music to Apple Watch.

After that you can add any kind of songs and albums to the Apple Watch playlist. Syncing music from iPhone to Apple Watch happens thanks to Apple Watch app on your iPhone via WI-FI: just remember to keep with you your favorite Bluetooth headphones.

The best Apple Watch radio apps

For those who like radio we suggest Pandora Radio: easy and customizable. You can listen to radio stations on your Apple Watch with an immediate view to the songs name and artists. Pandora allows you to create personal playlists and a personalized schedule of more than 100 radio stations.

TuneIn Radio Pro is another Apple Watch radio app that offers music, talk radio and other utilities just at your wrist. The best one is the possibility to record your music to enjoy it anytime you like.

If you like different music genres you should choose 8tracks Playlist Radio with 2millions playlists included rock, jazz or punk. It’s a real music database that can satisfy anybody and with no music adds you can listen to your favorite songs on your Apple watch without annoying interferences.

Apple Watch apps to play music

SoundHound+LiveLyrics is the easiest way to check songs around you and to play them with your Apple Watch. Such an app has been renewed to offer you a nice display that shows names lyrics and with just a tap you can identify your favorite songs.

Musixmatch allows you to read songs while listening team on your Apple Watch. That Apple Watch music app has a wide catalogue with different genres of music and some useful functions: if you forget a title you will be able to catch it by typing part of the lyrics.

There is not yet a Spotify app for Apple Watch but a Spotify Premiun Member can listen to his music thanks to app’s offline mode synced to Apple Watch via iPhone. That’s true!
You can sync playlists added to your Spotify Library to transfer them to your Apple Watch and play your music.

Apple Watch Series 3 and lifestyle

Wearing an Apple Watch Series 3 is an easy way to improve your life, music is part of the game. You don’t need anything else but your Apple Watch and you can be free to run run and cycle.

Such a device allows you to play your favorite lyrics that go with you just at your wrist.

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