A day in Frankfurt with Otila Vaida aka makeupillusion.de

meridio leather java jacket

«Hey there!

I just couldn’t wait to write this article just because it involves two of the things I love the most in life: coffee and traveling.

When I say I love coffee, I mean that I love not only the taste of it, but the experience and the memories that I have related to that moment. That’s why I love grabbing a take a way coffee when I visit other cities or places.

So, it was Saturday before easter, it was Frankfurt, quite a busy day as was the only day when the shops were opened before Easter ?, as Friday was everything closed. Frankfurt is nice, has a few skyscrapers which you don’t really see a lot in Germany, so it’s quite unique and quite expensive.

The streets and the shops were extremely busy, but I still got the chance for a short photo shoot for this amazing Italian brand called Meridioband. They do a bunch of high quality genuine leather accessories as cupholders and watch straps».

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