Apple Watch Series 3: rumours and predictions


Web sites have been reviewing the new Apple Watch Series 3 and as usual predictions and rumours go form the best to the worst.

The Verge editor Lauren Goode highlighted her Apple Watch 3 “ failed at the LTE part “ and Apple is trying to resolve it with a future software update. The New York Times reporter Brian X. Chen said Apple Watch Series 3 is the first smartwatch “ I can confidently recommend that people buy “. Wired writer David Pierce wrote Apple Watch 3 features are “ dramatically better than any previous smartwatch “.

So what are the real Apple Watch Series 3 performances and specs?

Apple Watch Series 3: what about design?

Apple Watch 3 share the same rectangular shape and curved corners with its wearable predecessors as well as weight and dimensions. Some aesthetic options are new and smart like a gold aluminium  finish and a new Sport Loop described by Apple as light and breathable. There also new Hermes face styles and bands as well as Nike Plus colors. The new Digital Crown finished in red is smart and cute limited to cellular models.

Like Series 2 it’s water- and dust resistant up to 50 meters with the same  biometric sensors and fitness-tracking hear rate monitor.


Apple Watch 3: features and specs

Great news for runners, cyclists and skiers. A new altimeter is included that means the device offers elevation data, as well as the flights of stairs you climb.

Finally Siri will speak out loud in the new Apple Watch Series 3 and thanks to S3 chip it will be faster than the previous models. The renewed operating system watchOS 4  is based on a dual-core processor that promises to improve Apple watch 3 performances and users experiences.

The new Apple operating system has also improved workout assistant and a a redesigned music app.

Battery life is always a concern using a smartwatch. Apple says we don’t need to worry about that because Apple watch 3 offers a 18 hours battery life across a mix of activities.

Take a look at some examples:

  • Apple Watch 3 lasts ten hours ( estimated ) indoor workouts and four hours outdoor workouts. A maximum of four hours mixing LTE and GPS system.
  • Apple Watch Series 3 can stream music for ten hours via iPhone with a Bluetooth connection.
  • Apple watch 3 talk time can be estimated in over one hour connected to LTE.

Apple Watch Series 3: connectivity

Apple Watch Series 3 steps forward and leaves behind Series 2 thanks to LTE connection. Yes! It can operate independently from your iPhone. Cellular-enabled versions of Apple Watch 3 cost a little more than WI-FI only models but it can receive calls, stream music and send messages without being paired with iPhone.

The display is the antenna for LTE unlike other smartwatches antennas integrated into the strap making them stiff and uncomfortable.

Apple Watch 3: life style and fitness functions

A Quickstart interface provides one-tap access to workouts like High Intensity Interval training while heartrate app has also been improved with new data and measurements. It also notify users health conditions checking constantly your body.

A new app lets you to share payments via Apple Pay and a Music app auto-sync your favorite playlists that means an easy access to your music from your watch.

You can also run without your iPhone just wearing at your wrist the New Apple watch Series 3.

Apple watch 3: price and providers

It will cost between £329 without mobile capabilities rising to £ 399 for the cellular + GPS model.

What about carrier plans? Your Apple watch Series 3 will be a device strictly tied to its parent iPhone plan: that allows you to receive calls from the same number.

In practice:

  • You need a phone plan that supports the Apple Watch,
  • You can’t sign up different carrier on your watch than on your iPhone.

Follow us to take more news about Apple watch Series 3 accessories and life style apps.

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