Exotic Apple Watch Bands: a buyer’s guide


Sometimes ago…

Tanning is one of the most ancient human activities developed all over the world through a long period of time. The world’s oldest cow leather shoe was found in Armenia. Created more than 5.000 years ago it represents a unique object, perfectly preserved, which probably belonged to a woman.
More exotic leather (snake leather or crocodile leather) was also used by ancient tribes to cover ritual drums. It was believed that these animals’ skins had special and supernatural powers.

Time has passed since that but leather is still used for its innate characteristics of softness and endurance. An exotic leather watch band is a touch of warm around your wrist, without giving up what is modern.

A brief story between history and myth

The ostrich leather

It dates back to the second half of the 19th century. The first commercial farming was settled in South Africa leading the whole market for many decades.
The ostrich was bred not only for its leather: feathers and meat were well appreciated too. The garish hats made of ostrich feathers were a fashionable and luxury accessory for women during the early years of the last century.
After the end of Apartheid (1993) South Africa government allowed other countries to have their own ranches.
This decision contributed to the spread of ostrich leather throughout the world and today it is the largest in terms of trade in the global market of exotic skins. 


The story of Python is quite different as it goes back to the ancient Greek myths. Python was a frightful snake living in a dark cave in Mount Parnassus. When Apollo (the son of Zeus and Leto) reached this place, threw a fiery torch inside. Python came out dying struck by the hundreds arrows from Apollo’s bow.
The cave became one of the most known place in the world: The Pizia Oracle.

Why an exotic leather for my Apple watch band?

It’s time to give some real tips about this subject. Python watch band, snake watch strap or even the more luxury ostrich watch band are accessories that match with your modern Apple Watch in unusual ways.

We like playing with contrasts. The most technological gadget of the last years strictly bound with classical, traditional, luxury leathers.

We like being different. A wide range of exotic leather watch bands, customizable as you like.

But, above all, we take care of our leathers.



Ostrich leather watch band

If you see it, you won’t get wrong. Nothing more unique and special as ostrich leather. The follicles give to the pattern characteristic bumps.
Its exterior softness is connected with a tactile strength: ideal for an everyday use too.
The high price of ostrich leather depends on the high quality of the working process divided into many different steps to guarantee the perfect product end.

The ostrich was bred not only for its leather: feathers and meat were well appreciated too. The garish hats made of ostrich feathers were a fashionable and luxury accessory for women during the early years of the last century.

Python leather watch band

It never goes out of fashion. Python leather preserves its charm even in a modern age where tradition is often sent apart by short-lived styles.
Its scaly appearance joined with the lightness and the simple beauty of the pattern make a python Apple Watch band the perfect gift for the unconventional and refined person.

Crocodile leather watch band

Pay attention of the leathers. This is a simple rule, but not so obvious speaking about reptiles. There are big differences between alligator and crocodile leather, first of all as regard of the price. That’s why we focus on the whole leather tanning process to guarantee a real crocodile leather Apple Watch band.
That means an elegant accessory with an easily recognizable pattern able to show determination and endurance.

Exotic watch bands: a map to choose

An exotic touch is always welcome, life is often so boring and flat.
The map is important to move through the different styles of exotic leather.
The pattern first of all.
Scales that form a mosaic of natural complexity.
Various nuances with different colours transforming a simple watch band in an artistic object.
The classical bumps of ostrich leather able to give at first glance elegance and refinement.
Creativity is not only our target. It is also your starting point from which exploring our exotic map.
Just follow your curiosity and wander through the different offers of our exotic proposal.
And last but not least trust the care we treat all our leathers to give a unique and inimitable leather Apple Watch band.

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