Stylish Apple Watch bands: rose gold, luxury and other iWatch straps

meridio band

If you are looking for a cool Apple Watch strap, don’t miss the Meridio leather bands collections. Meridio design combines the smartwatch high-tech functions with the quality of Italian leather manufacturing.

Leather iWatch straps

Even for a technological device like the Apple iWatch, a leather watch band is an ideal accessory that can turn your fitband into a style statement. All Meridio Apple Watch bands are hand-made by a traditional tannery in the Marche, in Central Italy. Each piece is hand-made using leather of the greatest quality and artisan expertise for a unique and classy look.

Luxury black Apple Watch bands

Black Out. Beyond words! The black Meridio alligator strap is the top of the top luxury bands for Apple Watch. You can combine it with a silver steel case for an aggressive look, or with a yellow and rose gold case for a softer, romantic look, pair it with black and grey case and buckle and you will have a hyper technological watch. Another fashionable bandwatch is Dark Secret, a glossy and opalescent black galuchat leather strap that will give a timeless but unconventional elegance to your Apple Watch.

Vintage and Heritage collections

If you are crazy about a military vintage look and you remember old Nato watch bands check the Old Brown, the traditional Italian leather iWatch strap with yellow contrasting stitches. Oldies but goodies, the Meridio Heritage Collection genuine leather bands are the relaxed elegant solution for everyday use. The cowhides used for these unique Apple Watch straps are made in a long process that can take up to three months and they undergo a unique vegetable tanning to get a special vintage effect. With their warm natural nuances, Cordwood, Cottage Chocolate and Khaki Sun will remind you of sunny days in the countryside. They would go well with a Java Jacket cupholder for the perfect coffee.

Stylish apple watch band made with ostrich leather
A stylish Apple Watch band by Meridio

Stylish leather Apple Watch bands

Would you like to wear a unique Apple Watch band and distinguish yourself from anyone else? Snow Flake, the made in Italy ostrich leather strap, pure white and soft, would make the perfect partner for Black or Space Grey Apple Watch. If you are an Italian fashion addict, you will love combining your iWatch with a matching headphone holder, such as the calf hair Whitey Spotty strap (try it with an unexpected Rose Gold case!) or the Maldives galuchat strap, perfect with a gold case and buckle.

Womens iWatch bands

The best Apple Watch version for women is the 38 mm case size one, smaller and lighter than the 42 mm size one. No doubt, the elegant lady shall wear a luxury White Swan, the alligator leather band in perfect Italian style, with white stitching and natural leather lining. Great with gold case and steel case as well. Luxury but fashionable, the Meridio Real Python Collection provides a range of mens and womens superb reptile leather straps in bright and bold colors: yellow Super Nova, red Matador, violet Vineyard Passage and green Pillow Mint among others.

Golden Brownie and Grey Ostrich

If you bought an Apple Watch with a gold finish case, no doubt you love glamour, sophistication and style: you will love the vivid and intense crocodile brown leather Golden Brownie band by Meridio, the missing link between classic elegance and high technology. For softer moments, in the summertime and for a warm look what you need is Canvasback, the grey ostrich leather strap available both in 42 mm and 38 mm size, for men and women. A touch of true Italian style and a classy act to wear with linen and silk.

Blue leather for a Rose Gold Apple Watch

Are you mad for the Apple Rose Gold product series? Then indulge your passion with the coolest accessories, like the Python Subzero Blue, a brilliant blue true python leather Apple Watch band, which comes only in 42 mm size. A supersized glamorous accessory for your wrist! The Royal Blue galuchat leather band, can be both 42 mm and 38 mm; it has more matted finish but it is not less amazing.

Some luxury bands for Apple Watch
Luxury Apple Watch bands by Meridio

Pink Apple Watch bands

A perfect everyday women accessory for an Apple Watch is Angel Whisper, a powder pink Nappa band with a contrasting purple lining and matching stitching. It is suitable for Sport and Steel models and for every Apple finish, but it’s really perfect with Rose Gold case and buckle. The same Nappa band is also available in the Scarlet’s Velvet version, stronger and more vivid. For a special evening, the glamorous, sexy galuchat leather Cashmire Rose strap is perfect (available only in 38 mm). Be daring and have it with a Space Gray finish for case and buckle, and with matching nail polish and lip gloss.

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