How to stop being addicted to your phone: an Apple Watch can help you

Technology developed very fast in the latest years.
Almost every week, we know about new gadgets and software solution appearing. They give us a lot of benefits, sometimes they can even save our life but a thing is evident: the more we use them, the more potential we have to be addicted to mobile phones and other technology devices.
How to solve this problem? How to stop being addicted to phone? Maybe an Apple Watch could help us. Let me show you how it could be.

Smartphone addiction: a serious problem

It is not a secret: we spend (and lose) a lot of time using our mobile phone.
46 percent of Smartphone owners declare their phone is something they couldn’t live without. And we have a proof of that in our everyday life: even if we are out with friends of we are getting a dinner with our family or our significant other, we’ll see smartphones popping up everywhere.
Facebook, Instagram, YouTube grab our attention, and we spend a lot of time using them, instead to spend it interacting and chatting with people who are with us. And if we use the smartphone as a working tool, the situation becomes worst. Even if many of us don’t mean to be so involved in the phone, it happens.
The side effects of this smartphone dependency are a lot and include symptoms as disrupted sleep, stress, the isolation in the social life, anxiety, and depression.

How Apple Watch can help battling iPhone addiction

It’s really so: technology could battle technology and the Apple watch could indeed be a way to battle smartphone addiction.
There is big difference between using the two devices.
When you take your smartphone to check emails, messages or calls, your attention is grabbed from other apps like Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat. Usually, on the smartphone, you start doing something and later you are doing something completely different. You live constantly the social anxiety of FOMO, or “the fear of missing out“.
Using an Apple Watch instead, you continue to get text messages, emails and so on but you have less incentive to respond right away. You can have your phone on silent because you know the Apple Watch will notify the message or the tweet you are waiting for.
So, while on the Phone you are forced to immediately react to notifications, on the watch, it is different because it doesn’t engage you the same as the phone and this lets you be more in the moment. You know what is happening “outside” but you have time to judge whether it is important enough to interrupt what you are doing (for instance to type an important mail on the phone) or it is something which can wait.

How to stop being addicted to your phone using an Apple Watch

An Apple Watch crams an LTE connection into a watch and allows you to use the phone on the go, making calls, checking emails and answering the messages. And that’s not all. You can go into Apple Watch settings and turn off all the notifications you don’t consider necessary. You can disable sounds but leave the haptics on. So you would be connected but not fully connected.
Moreover, you can leave your phone in your bag or pocket without continually diverting the attention of those who are with us to look at the phone popping up.

Apple Watch and Apple Watch band to battle iPhone addiction with the style

And what about to stop being addicted to the phone using an Apple Watch as a style accessory?
The Apple Watches may actually complete your outfit and match perfectly with it, thanks to the different colors you can choose to buy them and the different bands you can combine with them.
Apple makes it all much easier because it introduced on the market two new colors for its Apple Watch Series 4: Stainless Gold Series 4 and Aluminum Gold series 4.
Meridio, for its part, gives you the chance to choose from many straps that can reflect differently your personality or your style and can match impeccably with your outfit. How do think for instance about choosing a band from Suede Collection as the brown Rich Mocha strap or the camouflage green Guerilla band to combine with the Stainless Gold Series 4? Or what about buying a band from the Vintage Collection as the gray Dried Herb strap or the blue Arctic Night band to coordinate with the Aluminum Gold Series 4?
In this way, if you lift your wrist to check your watch, while someone is talking to you, it could be interpreted as a charming way to show off your latest fashionable strap model and not as a sign of distraction. Your social life will thank you.

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