All you need to know about Apple Watch accessories: the latest releases, the most curious and innovative 2017 products, the news from the world of leather accessories. Apple Watch is the most popular gadget in recent years: here you will find news about the entire ecosystem of third-party gadgets and accessories related to Apple's smartwatch.

Best gifts for the best Saint Valentine’s day

Things to know about Saint Valentine Sad story between the lines of a romantic celebration. Saint Valentine’s story is not so sweet as we could figure out. Hard time in the year 245 AD  for people who wanted to express their thought especially if they were Christian in a period when christian faith was not […]…Read More

Headphones and Airpods, wired and wireless: What about you?

Apple’s AirPods and other headphones When Apple released its new Apple’s AirPods it hit the target: transforming a banal accessory in a great demand product able to improve user experience. Such a fact was possible thanks to Apple’s control over both the hardware and software. AirPods have become one of the best examples of that […]…Read More

The best ways to protect your Apple Watch screen

We often take our Apple Watch for granted. We wear it at our wrist as if it was part of our outfit without thinking of it. Unless you are checking something on it we will think that everything is ok, but when the damage is done, it’s obviously too late to repair it. No panic […]…Read More

Coffee cup sleeves: a finger-saver work of art

Once there were only burned fingers and dangerous drinks: too hot, too untouchable to raise your fingers at theirs. Nowadays there are save people that walk around without worrying about that. Now coffee cup sleeves are housed in the same building as Vincent van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” since they can be found at MoMA […]…Read More

How to wrap your Headphones in 10 fashionable ways

Today we are going to show you how to wrap ear buds in ten easy and cool ways. You can buy fashionable gadgets to fold your headphones without tangling, or you can do it by yourself. 1. Two fingers wrapping The first way is usually the simplest one. Hold the ear buds in your hand. […]…Read More

The best third party Apple Watch accessories

If you own an Apple Watch, probably you are already an Apple addicted and you already know the best Apple Watch accessories and gadgets. However, your iWatch will also give you a set of wearable stylish objects that will transform your life, combining high-tech, fashion and design iPhone Watch accessories: sport or high-tech? Apple already provides […]…Read More

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