Proper care for Leather Watch Strap in Summer holidays

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A leather watch strap is a natural product that requires care and attention to preserve its genuine features, especially in Summer since heat, salt water and sweat could deteriorate it without a few and essential tricks.
In addition proper care for leather watch band means that it will last longer and it will look new for many years to come.
If you are fond of your favourite leather watch strap you will be surprised to find out our expert advices to take care for it during your Summer holidays.

Tips for caring your leather watch strap

Take care for leather watch strap is a little bit different than other leather goods, that’s why its service life mostly depends on how we treat it, especially in Summer.

First thing to know: a genuine leather strap handcrafted in Italy is a high quality product and it has to breath! As much as your skin, a leather strap needs some time to relax and to take a long breath. That’s why we recommend not wearing your watch 24/7. Give it a break after using and let your leather strap dry it on your bedside table: not too far, of course.

Second thing to know: don’t keep your leather watch strap too tight. It’s a bad habit that prevent correct blood circulation in your wrist, moreover it will stress the strap everytime you move your wrist causing an early deterioration of your watch band.

A leather watch strap is a natural product

It behaves itself like real skin. A good habit is to protect your leather strap from direct sunlight that could discolour it. An extended exposure to sun beams could also stiffen the natural softness of genuine leather.

Salt water is the worst enemy for your leather strap and the best way to protect it, it’s to keep it far from the water. But for all those who dive into the sea without thinking of that, don’t worry: we have the right tips for you.

  • Brush off your leather watch strap to remove salt stains.
  • Use a gentle body soap and water with a towel to clean off it.
  • Take a spray bottle and mix together half parts water and half parts vinegar.
  • Clean off your leather strap again with a towel and water.
  • Let your leather strap dry naturally.
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Moisture and sweat are the enemies of leather

As we said, to take care for your leather strap the best way is to take it off sometimes, to give it a chance to breath. In Summer such a habit is more important because heat produces sweat and moisture that can wear out leather pretty quickly. In addition sweat causes bad smells that can be remove with proper conditioners even if the best tip is: give your leather strap a chance to breath!
Dry climate could be also negative for leather that’s why a good idea is to apply a small amount of conditioner to avoid your watch strap becoming rigid and cracked.

summer watch straps

Regular care for your leather watch strap

Regular cleaning is the best practice to preserve your leather watch strap in Summer too. More than other products a leather watch strap is constantly in contact with your skin and in Summer it could pick up sand or dust that’s why once in a while it pays to give your leather watch strap a clean. This should be done no less than 6 times a year but if you are used to wear your leather watch strap during busy sunny days, it could be a good idea to repeat such an operation once a month.

Be gentle with your watch strap

A watch strap made with Italian leather is a tough product, incredibly soft and resistant but since it is a natural product it needs a special care.
So that you should use product that can protect your leather strap from light and dry climate, but be sure to choose the right one according to the characteristic of your leather watch band.
For instance white leather owns different characteristic from ostrich leather and the right way to clean it’s the first pace to extend its life.

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